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Top 10 Roman Reigns Matches

10. Roman Reigns(c) vs Seth Rollins | Universal Championship Match (Royal Rumble 2022)

IMG Credit: WWE & Forbes

A tale of a brotherhood fallen into pieces was something that was nearly 8 years in the making had finally come to its true fruition as the two men at their peak and as pure heels clashed at this year’s Royal Rumble. The mind games from Rollins and the build up of anger from Reigns is what makes this match added by Rollins stealing the show and nearly taking the title several times. The ending sells the story of this matchbas Rollins’ mind games backfire on him as the anger from Reigns forces him to beat the near life out of Seth causing a DQ that doesn’t sit well with others, but sure does with me. ***1/2


09. Roman Reigns(c) vs Seth Rollins | WWE Championship Match (Money In The Bank 2016)

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Reigns and Rollins have a history of matches that prelude their eventual clash nearly 6 years later. This took place after Seth Rollins returned from injury and so it was clearly a very big match. Throughout they wrestle a very good match, but this match is made by Rollins’ awesome Spear Pedrigree counter and the eventual title win that got a huge crowd reaction. We all know what happened next, but this match was brilliant from a booking standpoint. ***3/4

08. Roman Reigns(c) vs Kevin Owens | Universal Championship Last Man Standing Match (Royal Rumble 2021)

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This match was the closing contest of a long lasting feud between the tribal chief and the near unstoppable Kevin Owens. They clashed all over the arena in an amazingly entertaining war. There’s not much else to say about this other then it’s great until the finish which I would just prefer to not even mention. ***3/4

07. Kevin Owens(c) vs Roman Reigns | Universal Championship No Holds Barred Match (Royal Rumble 2017)

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Another clash between Reigns and Owens took place 4 years ago with much different implications. Owens was the mega heel champion and Reigns was the babyface trying to take the title from Owens after failed attempts. These two had a pretty great back and forth clash while Jericho was all alone in the shark cage unable to help Owens, but fear not because Braun Strowman randomly decided he hated Roman and cost him the match after Reigns nearly had Owens defeated. It’s a finish that made sense to start the next feud. ***3/4


06. Roman Reigns(c) vs Kevin Owens | Universal Championship Steel Cage Match (Friday Night Smackdown 12.25.20)

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This list really shows the chemistry that Reigns and Owens had and how they really didn’t have a bad match together. This was a 25 minute war of a steel cage match with back and forth action, multiple finishers, and a lot of drama towards who would win this match. Reigns was only able to win when Jey Uso locked Owens to the cage making him unable to move. This finish protected Owens going towards their trilogy finale at Royal Rumble 2021. Great match. ****


05. Roman Reigns(c) vs AJ Styles | WWE Championship Extreme Rules Match (Extreme Rules 2016)

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AJ Styles had been quickly taking over WWE with banger match after banger Match and after losing at Payback in controversial fashion the rematch was set and it was made into an Extreme Rules Match which truly raised the stakes. Styles was also transitioning into a heel during this feud which I liked. The match itself is great as they wrestled all over the place and had a ton of drama inserted into it. Styles beating the shit out of The Usos to getting multiple near falls, he was determined to win this, but was caught mid air into an awesome spear to end the match. Great match here. ****

04. Roman Reigns(c) vs Edge vs Daniel Bryan | Universal Championship Triple Threat Match (WrestleMania 37 Night 2)

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The main event of last year’s WrestleMania was set when Daniel Bryan inserted himself into the original Roman Reigns vs Edge clash to make it a triple threat match of the ages. The match itself is pure chaos and drama throughput with Jey Uso being taken out almost immediately to make it a fair contest. The disadvantage of this being a triple threat match really comes in to play when the win is nearly secured several times only for the third man to ruin it all. This was especially shown between Bryan and Edge who showed they can defeat Reigns l, but their need for the title costing one another. The ending is brilliant with Reigns taking out both of them and pinning them on top of each other to show who the true king is. Awesome contest. ****

03. Roman Reigns(c) vs Kevin Owens | Universal Championship TLC Match (Tables, Ladders, & Chairs 2020)

IMG Credit: WWE

At this point just give these two another feud. Jokes aside this was the best match between these two. Not only because of the action is this great, but the story told here is great as well. Owens the past couple years had been an underrated talent and had barely gotten any chances, but when he did he showed his resilience and dedication to winning that title. No matter what he would not stay down from Reigns’ attacks no matter the severity. Jey Uso was the only thing helping Reigns with keeping Owens down and even that nearly failed. Brilliantly told match here. ****

02. Brock Lesnar(c) vs Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins | WWE Championship Triple Threat Match (WrestleMania 31)

IMG Credit: WWE & TJR Wrestling

If you don’t know, the most of this match was Reigns vs Lesnar with Rollins cashing in at the end to win the Title. Before then these two put on their first and easily their best match. Lesnar absolutely destroys Reigns brutally and it is so entertaining to watch. Reigns’ comeback is also great as Roman nearly gets the win dramatically. Eventually they’re both knocked down before Rollins come outs and creates one of the most iconic WrestleMania moments. Great match that was booked flawlessly from top to bottom. ****


01. Brock Lesnar(c) vs Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe | Universal Championship Fatal 4-Way Match (SummerSlam 2017)

IMG Credit: WWE & Dailymotion

I know Reigns doesn’t do that much here, but it still falls under a match with him so I count it. This was a phenomenal and chaotic war between all 4 of these guys as they would do anything in their power to win the Title for themselves. Brock being taken out early was a good decision as it let the other 3 guys do their thing and they had a great Triple threat style Clash. Brock Cane back in and absolutely tore house with Reigns surprisingly eating the match after a great match. ****1/4

SmackDown WWE

WWE SmackDown July 30 2021 Live Review

Hello everyone, this is Prince Osborne welcoming you to my live review of this week’s WWE SmackDown live from Minneapolis.

John Cena Kicks Off The Show

Cena makes his way to the ring and we literally cut to a video package recap of last week’s Reigns/Cena/Bálor segments, because apparently all their 421 announcers are that useless. Cena says Reigns sucks for accepting Bálor’s challenge for SummerSlam instead of his. He makes some jokes about Reigns claiming Cena didn’t change anything, comparing it to The Rock coming back to the WWE as ‘Dwayne Too Small Johnson’ just because. He says he doesn’t change because, unlike Reigns, people don’t stop caring about him every two years. Ouch. He goes on to say Reigns is afraid of facing him at SummerSlam because of how he’ll make him look. But wait, homeless Corbin interrupts.

Corbin wants to talk to Cena because things aren’t going his way and he’s desperate. And to make matters worse, Corbin suffered an injury in a very sensible place of his body last week and his wife even left him because he can’t perform anymore. Oh lord. And to think this is the guy that retired Kurt Angle. Corbin wants some help from Cena on that, which doesn’t sound like a good idea at all judging by his romantic life. Cena gives him some money, but that’s not good enough for Corbin, who wants to be in his next movie. Cena responds with an AA! This was an amazing promo done by Cena so well until Corbin came to steal the spotlight. I was afraid, but he elevated it to a new level. Grade: A

Another recap, this time of Usos beating the Mysterios for the tag belts, and backstage Rey asks Dominik to keep an eye on them while he’s wrestling next.


Rey Mysterio(w/ Dominik Mysterio) vs. Jimmy Uso(w/ Jey Uso)

Michael Cole gets in a rare funny comment to start, saying the Usos are ‘flying high’ on top of the tag team division. I love shoot comments that aren’t supposed to be shoot comments. Rey runs wild to start and even gets a few nearfalls, but Jimmy quickly cuts him off with a necksnap onto the buckle that turns things around. Rey gets back on top but walks into a superkick and we take another break.


We come back with Rey blocking an Uso sunset flip and getting a stiff kick right in the mouth, but Uso sends him into the apron and knocks him down with an enziguiri. Rey blocks a superplex with a couple of headbutts and a senton followed by a crossbody gets two. Uso gets a kick but gets caught in 619 position, only for Jey to save him, but Rey follows with a dive and takes them both down. Rey turns an Uso samoan drop into a crucifix pin, and Rey adds some leverage to help Rey steal the win. That was a page straight out of Dom’s dad’s book. His dad being Eddie Guerrero, obviously! Rating: 2.25 out of 5 stars

IMG Credits: WWE


Bianca Belair’s 100 Days Celebration

Bianca is about to be interviewed about her reign as the women’s champion but Carmella and Zelina Vega came out to put their cases on challenging her. This led to an assault by both women who was saved by the returning Sasha Banks. This was a good segment that had Banks back to the scene and possibly to title contention. Grade: B+

Up next, Reginald defends his 24/7 Championship against an unanimous opponent. Who is it?

We’re back from the commercial break and Alpha Academy’s Chad Gable accepts the challenge.

Singles Match for the 24/7 Championship: Reginald (C) vs Chad Gable w/Otis
Reginald def. Chad Gable by disqualification @0:57 after Otis interfered mid-match. Welp! This happened.

Backstage, Sonya Deville conveys to WWE Official Adam Pearce that she made a tag match between Belair and Banks facing Carmella and Zelina. Sweet!
We were cut to commercials, informing that the Universal Championship contract signing is next!

Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor – Universal Championship Contract Signing
Both men make their entrances to the ring as there is instant animosity even though the build is getting started. Roman warns Finn that if he dares to sign the contract, he would smash him and send him back to NXT. Finn replied that he would be happy to go back to NXT as the new Universal Champion. As he is about to sign, Baron Corbin attacks from behind and tries to sign the contract. Then, John Cena makes the save, takes a blue marker out of his pocket and signs the contract! He made it official! Cena vs Reigns at SummerSlam! A good segment but I felt that this should’ve happened straight away but they took a spinning route. Unless this turns out to a triple threat or something, I’m pretty much disappointed in Finn’s role here. Grade: B

IMG Credits: WWE

Back from commercial, Paul Heyman is pissed to see the segment unfold. But, Pearce made Cena vs Reigns official! Coming up next, we have a six man tag team match!

Six Man Tag Team Match: Big E, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura vs Apollo Crews w/Commander Azeez & The Dirty Dawgs (Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode)
Team E won @3:17 after Nakamura pinned Crews by hitting the Kinshasa knee strike. A fun match that went so short. Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars

IMG Credits: WWE

Last week, Edge and Seth Rollins had a tense confrontation which led to Edge standing tall after a brawl. Now, Edge is out here to respond as we are in for a break.

Edge vs Seth Rollins: The Saga Continues
We’re back from commercial to see Seth Rollins circle the ring with fury as he attacked Edge with a camera during the break. Now, Seth addresses on why he targeted Edge. Seth said that he deserved to be in the spot at MITB but Edge had a shot. So, if he didn’t get it, then Edge won’t get it too. The MITB footage was shown and Rollins stated that he wasn’t ashamed of doing it. A solid segment for a match that might be a sleeper at SummerSlam. Grade: B+

IMG Credits: WWE

Back from commercials, and we’ve shown a replay of the contract signing and the first official announcement of Reigns vs Cena. Plus, we have our first match for next week’s SmackDown as Finn Balor faces Baron Corbin in singles action!

Now, it’s time for the main event!

Tag Team Match: Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks vs Carmella & Zelina Vega
Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks def. Carmella & Zelina Vega @5:18 after Sasha made Carmella tap to the Bank Statement. A decent tag to close the wrestling side of the show.

Post-match, both the women were celebrating until Sasha hit Bianca with a backstabber stating her need for the return! She wants the title back! Now, she locks in the Bank Statement twice even though Bianca is tapping the life out of her! The statement has been made!

IMG Credits: WWE

Overall Match Rating – 1.5 out of 5 stars
Overall Show Rating – 7 out of 10 points

In overall, this was another solid episode of SmackDown with all the angles heading to SummerSlam being improvised a lot. The Universal Championship picture looks frenzy even after SummerSlam and Banks vs Belair II is happening! From a wrestling quality perspective, this won’t be the “must watch” show as everything did what it had to do.


WWE SmackDown July 23 2021 Review

Welcome Everybody To The First Edition Of Our Live Coverages Here At SmarkDown. My name is Tanner, but I’m also known as Viper on our Youtube Page. Thank you for tuning in and lets get right on into this

We are live in my home city of Cleveland, Ohio and also at the Rolling Loud Festival!

John Cena Opens The Show

We kick off with the recently returned John Cena! He takes a moment to feel the mostly positive reactions from the Cleveland crowd. He talks about how fun it was to be at Money In The Bank, and makes it official that he is challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. He jokes about The Cleveland Indians changing their name to The Cleveland Guardians. He then says that SmackDown with Roman Reigns sucks. He once again gives light to the fact that the crowds are back. He says that SummerSlam is an opportunity to stand up for what you believe in. Who’s team are we on? He says that Roman Reigns will realize that after SummerSlam the champ is here. After asking for Roman to come out several times, Paul Heyman appears with his signature “Ladies & Gentlemen” which I personally haven’t heard in that variant in quite some time. He says that Cena has it all wrong. He mocks Cena’s You Can’t See Me and says that Roman is simply not listening to Cena because he isn’t worthy. He then gives Cena his word that Roman will answer the challenge when he decides to tonight. We close with Heyman mocking Cena’s theme song.

Finn Balor takes on Sami Zayn

Balor hit the sling blade, two shot gun drop kicks, and the finishing Coup de Grace blow to defeat Sami Zayn @ (stopwatch issues)

This was a good match here. Sami Zayn is a nice worker and Balor is looking as great as ever. Nice return match for Finn! [***]

Backstage Baron Corbin claims the person that funded his CorbinFundMe stole all of his money (this is both sad and hilarious!)

Big E Celebrates His Big Money In The Bank Win!

Big E exclaims how he won the MITB Contract in front of a crowd after a grueling ladder match. Out comes Apollo Crews who brags about actually having a title, then come out Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode (for some reason), and THEN comes King Nakamura with Rick Boogs, AND THEN Cesaro comes out and seemingly challenges Apollo Crews before a big brawl explodes throughout the ring! This seems to set up a 6 man tag team match for later tonight

We switch over to the Rolling Loud Festival where…

Angelo Dawkins takes on Chad Gable!

Dawkins defeated Chad Gable after a spinebuster @ (more stopwatch issues :/)

The crowd wasn’t really into it, but I honestly loved the work here from Gable and Dawkins had some nice counters to Gable’s offense. Finish to me may have been anti climatic because I’m not too familiar with Angelo’s moveset, but I assume that was his finisher. Overall enjoyable match here [***1/4]

Bianca BelAir defends the Smackdown Women’s Championship against Carmella!

Bianca retained her championship after hitting a KOD on Carmella @ 4:44

This felt longer then it was in my perspective. A way shorter, more simpler title match then the one last week, and it was overall an ok contest [**]

Nox and Shotzi are backstage trying to fix their tank with Kevin Owens when Baron Corbin shows up. He begs Owens for money which he obliges to before the tank suddenly shoots at Corbin’s GROIN and Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode steal it while Owens tells them to get outta there. (An unlikely friendship?)

The Rated R Superstar Edge speaks Live!

Edge celebrates the crowds being back and celebrates how hard he worked to get back into the business. He claims he should be standing there as the Universal Championship, but isn’t because of Seth Rollins. He said he didn’t except Rollins to attack him, but rather attack the champion. He then mentions THAT segment in 2015 where Rollins threatened Edge’s life practically. He then basically says that Seth Rollins has no idea what the consequences are gonna be for his actions. He brags about being in The Brood and The Ministry Of Darkness. Seth Rollins then interrupts Edge with his rock music of greatness. Rollins then calls Edge old and laughs about the man that Edge USED to be all those years ago. Edge then simply tells Seth to shut up. He then offers Rollins down to the ring who was already going to do so anyways. He then insults my city which is just great, and insults Edge and Cena’s part timing ways in the WWE. He mentions that they take away from guys like him who DESERVE the title shot. He then calls Edge a scumbag and says nothing would make him happier then being the man to end Edge’s career. He says that when they talk about Edge’s career they’ll be talking more about the man who ended it, Seth Rollins. He mentions all those years ago when Rollins threatened Edge’s life practically. He threatens Edge’s neck. Edge then attacks Rollins who fights back. Edge was able to hit the Edgecution, but Rollins is able to avoid a spear to end the segment. (Brilliant segment!)

Up Next Toni Storm Makes Her Main Roster Debut Against Zelina Vega!

Storm is able to finish off Zelina with a Storm-1 in a nice debut @ 2:35

This is too short to be given a rating, but it was a very nice debut for Storm who seems to be on Vince’s good side which is rare these days. Hoping for the best for her! [N/R]

Jimmy Uso takes on Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik!

Jimmy won after a roll up to Dominik was assisted by his brother Jey @ 7:56

Overall this was just ok. A couple botches at the end were very noticeable. Nothing really to note except for the finish I guess [**]

Roman Reigns Is Here!!

Reigns is wearing a nice white version of his Head Of The Table T-Shirt (might have to cop that). Right off the bat he tells us to acknowledge him and claims that John Cena acknowledged him at Money In The Bank, Raw, and tonight on Smackdown! He basically says that John Cena has never changed and did the same thing he’s always did. He then compares it to a certain sex position that I guess happens every single night. He says that he doesn’t WANT to see John Cena and that he will not be facing Cena in the main event. Then out comes….FINN BALOR????!!! What’s he doing here? Balor says that if Roman’s not interested in Cena’s challenge then he’ll interested in HIS. (Holy SHIT!!)”Roman’s scared” chants erupt and Roman silences them by…..ACCEPTING BALOR’S CHALLENGE!!!! This is gonna be huge!

And that concludes our very first coverage of Friday Night Smackdown. I personally give this a 7/10 as there were some nice matches, nice segments, new developments. This was pretty good!