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Top 5 WWF Wrestlers of 1992

1992 was quite a year for the WWF in a lot of ways. They started off with a stacked roster full of so many stars, but as the year ended most had departed. 1992 was also the year when WWF’s biggest star Hulk Hogan was absent from WWF TV following WrestleMania VIII. Overall, it was […]

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NWA Clash Of The Champions 8: Fall Brawl Review – 09.12.1989 (Sting Joins Naitch)

What’s up everyone, it’s Tomás here with a review of NWA/WCW’s eight Clash of the Champions. On this edition, Ric Flair and Sting team up in the main-event to take on The Great Muta and Terry Funk Dick Slater, Lex Luger puts the US title up for grabs against former World Champion Tommy Rich, The […]


Macho Man Randy Savage’s Five Best WWF Matches

5. VS. HULK HOGAN – WWF CHAMPIONSHIP (WRESTLEMANIA V) One year after capturing the vacant WWF Championship in the final of a tournament against The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase with the help of Hulk Hogan, Savage found himself defending the gold against his former friend. The Hulkster had aligned himself with Randy after WrestleMania […]