Top 5 WWF Wrestlers Of 1998

The Attitude Era was in full swing by the year 1998 and overall it was a great year financially for the WWF. We saw a lot of new stars being formed and many potential future stars debuting as well in the year. Among everyone, these 5 wrestlers managed to leave the most impact: 5. Kane […]

Top 5 WWF Wrestlers Of 1997

1997 was the transition year for the WWF from the New Generation Era to the Attitude Era. WWF was trying a lot in 1997, like introducing the European Championship, the light heavyweight division, etc. They might have been still unable to beat WCW’s ratings in the short-run, but it was a solid showing for the […]

Top 5 WWF Wrestlers Of 1996

The WWF was struggling bad with their roster in the New Generation Era and 1996 wasn’t much different. They had quite a number of debuts in the year but lost a lot of top stars to injuries and other companies. Despite all the tough circumstances these 5 wrestlers managed to keep the WWF afloat: 5. […]

Rating The Champ

Rating The Champ: The Undertaker

Welcome to a new series on the website, called Rating The Champ. This will follow my prior World Title Series, where I reviewed each and every WWE Heavyweight Champion in history from Hulk Hogan’s first title win in 1984 all the way to the current days. Money in the Bank cash-ins will not be included for obvious […]

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World Heavyweight Championship: Rating Every PPV Match (2002-2013)

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. No matter how old you are, if you’re at least 14/15 years old deep down inside you love the ‘Big Gold Belt’ and you miss it! In this article, I give my rating on each and every PPV title match of the belt in its 11 years in WWE, […]