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WCW Clash Of The Champions #24 Review (Shock Master)

British Bulldog challenges Big Van Vader for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. The Shockmaster makes his iconic WCW debut!

August 18, 1993
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida, USA (Ocean Center)
Announced attendance: 8903
TV rating: 3.8 (TBS) [37.5% up from Clash #23’s 2.6 rating]

Hello everyone. Welcome to my review of WCW Clash of the Champions #24. Featuring Vader vs. British Bulldog for the WCW Title, Ric Flair & Sting teaming up, Hollywood Blonds defending the tag titles against The Four Horsemen again, and the (masterfully) shocking reveal of the final member of Sting’s team for WarGames at Fall Brawl… you know where this is going!

Here is the list of WCW’s champions heading into Clash #24:

  • WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Big Van Vader [154th day of his 3rd reign] – previous champion: Sting
  • NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair [31st day of his 9th reign] – previous champion: Barry Windham
  • NWA United States Heavyweight Champion: Vacated (for 81 days] – previous champion: Dustin Rhodes
  • WCW World Television Champion: Paul Orndorff [169th day of his 1st reign] – previous champion: Scott Steiner, before it was vacated
  • WCW/NWA Unified World Tag Team Champions: The Hollywood Blonds (Stunning Steve Austin & Flyin’ Brian Pillman) [169th day of their 1st reign] – previous champions: Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas

Note: in title matches, the defending champions appear underlined

Enjoy the review!

IMG credit: WWE & WhatCulture

Your hosts are Jesse Ventura & Tony Schiavone

The show begins with a brief video package hyping tonight’s big matches. The pyro goes off in the arena and we go to the announcers.

They throw us to a pre-recorded promo from the Hollywood Blonds. Pillman announces he has a serious injury and can’t compete tonight. He says he’s very disappointed and apologizes to the fans because they won’t see the Blonds! Austin apologizes to the Horsemen and promises they’ll get a shot… just not tonight!

Back in the arena, Schiavone claims WCW officials announced the Blonds must defend the belt anyway. According to him, the Blonds chose Steven Regal as Brian’s replacement. Jesse Ventura can’t believe this decision by WCW. It’s quite the dick move, indeed.

WCW/NWA Unified World Tag Team Championship – Stunning Steve Austin & Lord Steven Regal (w/ Flyin’ Brian Pillman & Sir William) vs. The Four Horsemen (Arn Anderson & Paul Roma)

Regal comes out wearing Pillman’s belt, which is pretty weird. Austin and Arn start. AA gets the first strike with a shoulderblock, and Austin replies with a big clothesline. Advantage Austin, who goes to work on Arn until he takes Austin down and slugs away on him. Arn catapults Austin over the top rope, but Austin holds on to the rope and doesn’t fall outside. Jesse says that would’ve been a DQ if Austin landed on the floor. Are they really still acknowledging this rule? They ignore it every single match even when it happens in front of the ref. Austin comes back in and gets backdropped over the top by Anderson, but the referee Nick Patrick misses it since he was busy with Regal. Austin eats railing on the outside until he eventually tags in Regal. Arn goes to work on his arm, tags in Roma who comes off the top with a flying double axehandle to Regal’s arm. Roma slugs away in the corner, which gets Jesse all worked up because of the closed fists! Wrestling sequence sees ROMA OUTWRESTLING REGAL (yep) before Roma unloads with a dropkick. Austin cuts off Roma’s flurry by driving a knee to Roma’s back while he ran the ropes.

Tag to Austin who takes control. Suplex by Austin. Pillman gets his little cheapshot in by choking Roma on the ropes while the ref’s distracted. Paul Roma tries to sunset flip Regal, but Regal sits down to block it and follows with a somersault splash. Roma drives Austin’s head into the buckle and goes for the comeback, only to eat a knee to the gut by Austin for two. Some nice double-teaming by the “Hollywood Blonds” here. Patrick misses a small package by Roma due to a distraction outside, and Arn from the apron gets a cheapshot in on Austin. Roma surprises Austin with a Stungun of his own, causing Regal to jump in the ring immediately. Hot tag to Arn is missed due to Regal’s involvement, and a tag to Regal keeps the heels in control. Regal grabs Roma’s leg until he ends up taking an enziguiri from Roma, who finally makes the hot tag to Arn. He runs wild with several strikes for both heels. Anderson sets up Austin for the DDT, but Regal comes in from behind. Roma gets rid of Regal, Sir William jumps on the apron with Pillman’s crutch but Austin is the one who ends up getting knocked into it, and Arn rolls him up for the pin and the titles at 9:52.

Winners & new champions: The Four Horsemen (Arn Anderson & Paul Roma)

  • Rating: Despite the weird scenario and all the confusion that came with it, this was a pretty good match because of the talent involved. While Roma is definitely not on the level of anyone else here, he did a really good job as the face in peril. I believe The Blonds’ title reign still had legs, but they wanted the belts on this new version of the Horsemen now that Flair is back. I can understand the decision, but I don’t particularly agree with it. ***1/4

Eric Bischoff interviews the new champs on top of the ramp. Paul Roma says a lot of people don’t think he’s got what it takes to be a Horseman (ya think!?) but Anderson believed in him and that’s all it took. Anderson says it was hard to win the belts and it’s gonna be hard to keep it, but as of tonight you must call ’em champs.

Bobby Eaton vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

This could be a very interesting one. Eaton goes to work on the arm to start. Eaton dumps Scorpio, who lands on his feet and springboards back in right into a bridging pin for two, only to take a clothesline from Eaton. Eaton takes it to Scorpio in the corner until he misses a blind charge. Scorpio follows it up with a high crossbody for two, before hitting an armdrag. Into the armbar he goes. Legdrop onto Eaton’s arm as Scorpio now goes after the arm. Scorpio misses a crossbody, though, allowing Eaton to take control. Eaton chokes away on the ropes. Hammerlock takedown by Eaton. Scorpio fights back, puts Bobby on the top rope and dropkicks him all the way to the floor before meeting him outside with a dive. Back in, Eaton with a swinging neckbreaker that didn’t look good at all. He hits another one immediately afterwards, this time connecting perfectly. Eaton up top, and a flying elbowdrop gets two. They get into a slugfest that is eventually won by Scorpio, and a spinning heel kick puts Bobby down. The 450 Splash gives Scorpio the win after 5:26.

Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio

  • Rating: This was a showcase for Scorpio, with Eaton doing a good job of making him look good. The match was a bit sloppy at times for whatever reason, but overall it was pretty solid and accomplished the task at hand. **1/2
Mask vs. Guitar: Johnny B. Badd vs. Maxx Payne

For some reason this “feud” is still going. Plus, Johnny’s “mask” is just to sell the terrible confetti attack, so why even bother? Payne jumps Badd during his entrance and goes to work on him with an elbowdrop. Johnny fights back but eventually misses a crossbody, and Payne hits him with a sideslam. Maxx Payne unmasks Badd… but Badd has a second mask underneath. Ohhhhhh. Johnny with a flying headscissors, clothesline by Payne and a hammerlock slam. He sets up for the Paynekiller, but Johnny reverses into a cradle for two. Payne drops a couple of elbows, he goes up only to miss a flying splash… and Badd puts one arm on top for the DRAMATIC win at 2:41.

Winner: Johnny B. Badd

  • Rating: The third pointless match in this really, really pointless feud. 1/4*

Afterwards, Jesse Ventura interviews Johnny B. Badd, who’s got Maxx’s guitar (now his guitar?) with him. Johnny says he’ll reveal what Johnny really looks like on WCW Saturday Night. So what was the point of this match again?

And now… we make history!

Flair For The Gold w/ Sting, Davey Boy Smith & Mystery Partner!

Flair begins the show with Fifi The Maid. Naitch immediately brings out Sting & Davey Boy Smith to talk about the WarGames at Fall Brawl, but they get cut off by Sid Vicious & Harlem Heat. They all yell at each other before Sting introduces their SHOCKING tag team partner, THE SHOCKMASTER! And then it happens. It’s absolutely hilarious, and the fact The Shockmaster cuts a stupid promo afterwards (that’s supposed to be serious) makes it even better. An all-time clusterfuck!


The announcers are struggling to remain serious during the entrances for Steamboat/Orndorff due to what happened with The Shockmaster. Jesse in particular is laughing his ass off.

WCW World Television Championship – Paul Orndorff vs. Ricky Steamboat

Michael Buffer does the ring announcing for this one. Orndorff gets all worked up with the ‘Paula’ chants before the bell. Steamboat with a tight headlock to start. Shoulderblock by Steamboat for two, and he goes back to the headlock. Orndorff takes him down with a wristlock, but Ricky bridges his way back up and turns it back into the headlock. Steamboat misses a blind charge and goes flying all the way onto the ramp. Orndorff sends Steamboat to the ring, and comes back in with a flying elbow smash for two. Paul with a chinlock, Steamboat fights out only to get slammed for a number of two counts. Hiptoss by Orndorff for two, and back to the chinlock he goes. This is pretty good because Paul just isn’t letting go of Steamboat. Faceplant by Orndorff for a number of nearfalls. He just doesn’t allow Steamboat to rest. Paul eventually dumps Steamboat to the floor, only to get sent into the buckle. Steamboat flies back in with a flying elbow smash of his own for two. Now it’s Steamboat bringing it to Paul. Backdrop suplex by Steamboat, who hurts his own head on the landing. Delayed pin gets two. Steamboat chops Orndorff over the top to the floor, which Jesse thinks should be a DQ. Ricky follows it up with a dive on the outside. Back in, Orndorff cheapshots Steamboat and works the count a few more times. Meanwhile, Jesse hands Paul the belt. However, Steamboat catches him with an O’Connor roll for two. Orndorff goes for the Piledriver, Steamboat reverses it into a pin for two with Paul bridging up. Backslide by Steamboat gets two more, but Orndorff takes him down with a clothesline. Blind charge in the corner only finds Ricky’s boot. Up goes Steamboat, he hits a high crossbody but the momentum puts Orndorff on top for two. Back up, Steamboat reverses a slam attempt into a cradle for the pin and the TV Title at 8:31.

Winner & new champion: Ricky Steamboat

  • Rating: Fantastic fast-paced match between two veterans who threw everything at each other in order to win. They had great chemistry and delivered a fantastic title match despite only getting eight minutes. ***1/2

Then, Orndorff knocks out Steamboat with the Piledriver onto the belt on the ramp to get his heat back.

Promo by Harley Race who is standing by with The Colossal Kongs.

Ric Flair & Sting vs. The Colossal Kongs (Awesome Kong & King Kong) (w/ Harley Race)

Schiavone announces Flair and Sting will face each other for Flair’s NWA World Title on WCW Saturday Night. Sting with dropkicks and powerslams to both giants, who bail immediately. Back in, all four guys go at it inside the ring for a while. Flair takes one of the Kongs to the floor while Sting runs wild on the other one inside the ring. Flair and Harley Race get into a fight briefly outside. Stinger Splash. Sting goes up top and a flying splash finishes the Kong at 2:14.

Winners: Ric Flair & Sting

  • Rating: A total squash, surprisingly. Flair didn’t even get tagged in and they just destroyed a couple of 500 pound guys managed by Harley Race in 2 minutes! 1/4*

Sting & Flair get interviewed by Schiavone afterwards. They put each other over and shake hands, but each promise to win the World Title on Saturday Night.

The announcers discuss who Dustin Rhodes’ mystery partner will be in just a while.

Dustin Rhodes’ partner is revealed to be… Road Warrior Animal. Actually, Animal reveals it’s all a ruse and the real partner is Road Warrior Hawk.

Rick Rude & The Equalizer vs. Dustin Rhodes & Road Warrior Hawk (w/ Road Warrior Animal)

Hawk and Rude start us off. Hawk shoves Rude into the corner to start. Rude used to do that spot regularly in his matches with Ultimate Warrior. Hawk calls for a test of strength, but Rude seems reluctant. Rude eventually accepts and Hawk gets the better of that exchange. Tag to Equalizer, who gets met with a dropkick. Equalizer bails and gets a few shots on Hawk back inside the ring, only for Hawk to turn things around with a corner clothesline. Hawk eats boot on a blind charge, though. Rude comes back in for a chinlock. Hawk gets back to his feet with Rude on his shoulders, tags in Dustin who comes off the top for the Doomsday Device. Rhodes with an atomic drop to Rude followed by a backdrop. Rude blocks a monkey flip out of the corner and clotheslines Rhodes. Rude goes up and comes down with a flying fistdrop. Rude celebrates with the hip swivels. Equalizer back in with a back elbow smash on Dustin for two. Equalizer slams Dustin and tags Rude back in. The heels set up Rhodes for a double-team, but The Equalizer ends up clotheslining Rude by mistake instead. Hot tag Hawk, which the referee misses, but he ends up forgetting about it as Hawk just ignores him and runs wild on the heels anyway. Equalizer sets up for a powerslam on Rhodes, but Hawk comes off the top and Dustin lands on top of The Equalizer for the pin at 7:41. Very confusing finish to say the least.

Winners: Dustin Rhodes & Road Warrior Hawk

  • Rating: The match started off nicely with a fine Rude/Hawk sequence, but it turned into a big mess near the end. *1/2

Main Event

Title Can Change Hands Via DQ – WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Big Van Vader (w/ Harley Race) vs. Davey Boy Smith

They start the match on the ramp with Vader taking his mask off as he brings it to Bulldog. Vader with a big clothesline on the ramp. He sets up for a suplex, but Bulldog counters and gives Vader an insane delayed vertical suplex. That man’s strength is beyond ridiculous! Running clothesline takes out Vader on the ramp. A dropkick puts Vader on the ropes, and Bulldog follows it up with a clothesline that sends Vader to the ring. Bulldog comes back in with a sprigboard splash, but Vader gets his knees up. Vader unloads in the corner with his barrage of punches. To the floor, Vader goes for a running splash, Bulldog moves out of the way and Vader hits the railing. Bulldog slams Vader onto the railing and gets back in. Vader crawls back in as well. Bulldog is waiting for him and gets him up on his shoulders for a Samoan Drop that gets two. Bulldog literally walked with Vader on his shoulders. Vader catches a charging Bulldog with a stiff shot. Vader drops an elbow on Bulldog’s leg and takes over.

Another big clothesline takes Bulldog down. Samoan Drop by Vader. He goes up top, and crushes Davey Boy with a splash off the top for two. Bulldog gets caught going for a sunset flip, Vader with a buttdrop splash but Bulldog escapes. Bulldog gets two off that. Vader whips Bulldog into the corner, who takes a huge upside down bump. Vader follows it up with a splash, and it seems academic at this point. Vader continues to take it to Bulldog, however. That nearly costs him eventually, as Bulldog catches Vader with a crucifix pin for a nearfall. Vader KNOCKS OUT Bulldog with a massive right hand. He takes him to the corner so he can throw more shots, and Bulldog just looks out of it by now. Bulldog somehow fights back, but Vader instantly cuts him off and puts him back down rather easily. Vader climbs up to the top rope, but takes too long and Bulldog dropkicks him. Bulldog fires away in the corner as he makes the comeback, but ends up running into Vader’s boot in the corner. Vader Bomb connects… for a nearfall. I wasn’t expecting that. Vader goes up top again, Bulldog slams him in midair (how Sting beat Vader at Starrcade 92) but Vader’s feet knock the ref down and he misses the count. Bulldog picks up Vader for a slam, but Harley gets in the ring and trips up Davey, as Vader lands on top for the win to retain at 11:11.

Winner & still champion: Big Van Vader

  • Rating: Yet another rock solid hoss fight between these two, who had some fun title matches this year. They had great chemistry together and proved it here once again. The nearfall off the Vader Bomb was really well done, especially since Bulldog’s was selling as if he was finished. Bulldog kept his heat as he was clearly going to win off the slam in midair, which was how his partner Sting beat Vader at Starrcade months earlier. Great little detail that the announcers didn’t mention – especially considering Bulldog and Sting were partners here, which adds a lot to the psychology. The finish was cheap but not bad. Vader and Davey Boy worked very well together. ***1/2

The returning Cactus Jack runs in to attack Vader just before we run out of time.



Final thoughts: Well, everyone knows what this show is most famous for! Everyone knows about The Shockmaster fail, even if they don’t know at which show, in what context or in which year it happened. It was definitely a noteworthy show, with the return of the Road Warriors being a highlight as well. Vader vs. Bulldog and Orndorff vs. Steamboat were both great title matches and easily the highlights of the show. The opening tag was a good match as well, but the crazy circumstances surrounding it prevented it from being even better. The rest was either skippable or forgettable. Overall, a solid yet very, very, very weird show. Some might even say SHOCKING! 6/10


Here’s how the point system works.

That’s all from me today. Make sure you don’t miss the upcoming reviews on the blog. Over on the WWF side, the SummerSlam Spectacular special is coming up next. See you next time!