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WWE WrestleMania 39 Night 2 PPV Review

The Smarkdown Crew look at Night 2 of WrestleMania Hollywood! From brutal wars, to a dramatic closing, let’s go!

Brock Lesnar vs. Omos

IMG Credit: WWE

Brock Lesnar def. Omos via Pinfall at 4:55

Tanner: This was pretty much what I expected it to be, and I’m very glad they kept the match short and simple. The action, while obviously mediocre, is supported by Brock’s great selling. However, Omos is just terrible. Slow, barely sells, not enough charisma. He’s just there. So once again, I’m glad they kept this short enough from being a disaster. *

Prince: I was a bit scared of this match because Omos’ minor experience could play a role in lowering the quality, but it didn’t happen as both men delivered moves that garnered a high reaction. As a character, Omos is still developing nicely, which is appreciative. I’m glad that Brock won the bout and I hope something better happens for him on the next major show. ***

Ben: Very simple match which protected Omos who actually seemed ok in this, crowd stayed into it, fair kudos to Brock for dragging a decent match out of this, hopefully he moves onto a better program leading into the summer. **½

MrDCWood: This was a sensible choice for opening night 2, and in a lot of ways, it reminded me of how decent HHH/Khali from SummerSlam 2008 was. Brock sold splendidly for the very limited Omos, and when it came to crunch time, Omos finally took the big bumps. Three massive German Suplexes and an impressive F5 on the giant to wrap things up. But Omos could’ve sold Lesnar’s finisher much better. Still, short & relatively sweet. Which is what it needed to be. **½

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez vs. Natalya & Shotzi vs. Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville vs. Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler

IMG Credit: Sportzwiki

Ronda Rousey def. Shotzi via Submission at 8:23

Tanner: This was, unfortunately, just a mess compared to the men’s match the previous night. Everyone seemed a bit lost in this match, and there was never really a sense of direction all throughout the contest. Complete filler. *

Prince: It’s nothing to the levels of last night’s blaster of a match, but all women had ample time to shine and deliver their best. As expected, the former UFC renegades won the bout, making one of their long, weak rivals submit. Otherwise, Morgan & Raquel worked really well as a duo. **½

Ben: Not as good as the men’s one from last night but still a decent filler match, everyone had their points in it, nothing memorable though. **¾

MrDCWood: This wasn’t anywhere near as much fun as the Men’s Showcase from Night 1, but it was better than Lita/Trish/Becky vs. Damage CTRL. Liv Morgan continues to work hard, and there were some nice spots (always love it when Nattie does a double Sharpshooter!), but the crowd wasn’t into this, and there was such an anti-climatic finish. Shayna seemed to have injured herself, and Ronda once again seems completely unmotivated these days (unlike her phenomenal 2018/19 run in WWE). **¼

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Gunther(c) vs. Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre | WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

IMG Credit: Wrestlezone

Gunther def. Drew McIntyre via Pinfall at 16:36 to RETAIN the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Tanner: These three beat the absolute dogsh#t out of each other in a near 17-minute war. I’m particularly proud of this match, considering the title in question was not even on the card last year. Shows a lot of progression, and I’m happy to see it. This match was basically chopamania, with everyone getting the beats on their chests, making for a brutal encounter. I was not expecting Gunther to win, but it’s a pretty welcoming decision as he could become the longest reigning Intercontinental Championship, which I would love to see! ***¾

Prince: Damn! Sheamus didn’t get his moment here either?! Nonetheless, that was a war showcasing agony, power, and dominance altogether. Even though it had the usual “two in, one out” trope, they made it work most of the time. The final moments were the ones I thought that it’s about to become the end until WALTER’s soaring interference for the successful defense. Had Sheamus won here, I would’ve felt even happier. No disrespect to WALTER as he’s evolving into one of the true threats for any champion around the field, and he has to have a WrestleMania moment like this, too. ****¾

Ben: My God! That was something else, like all the best triple threats once it started it never stopped, incredible work from all 3, wonderfully hard hitting and smashing all the way, Sheamus agonisingly close again with Drew costing him at one point, Gunther winning was the right call, needs to be 1-on-1 when Sheamus finally does win it, Gunther will be World Champion at WrestleMania next year. *****

MrDCWood: Good God, Almighty! Like the Gunther/Sheamus match at Clash at the Castle 2022, I was expecting a hard-hitting tussle, but once again, I received so much more! All three of these gladiators delivered a bruising chopfest, full of first-class old-school wrestling, psychology, storytelling, and physicality. One of the greatest matches EVER in ALL THREE guys’ careers, for the Intercontinental Title AND at WrestleMania! ANOTHER serious Match of the Year contender for 2023! P.S. I’m really glad Gunther retained! *****

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Bianca Belair(c) vs. Asuka | WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match


Bianca Belair def. Asuka via Pinfall at 15:58 to RETAIN the Raw Women’s Championship

Tanner: Some of the action is pretty great, but in between those moments, this match slogs and isn’t particularly the cleanest contest. The build doesn’t really support it either. This match was kinda just there, and I wasn’t particularly too excited about it. Bianca retaining is questionable as her title reign has gotten undeniably stale, and there doesn’t seem to be much competition left unless Asuka gets a rematch. Oh well. **¾

Prince: It was a herculean task for these women to follow up on the magnificent IC triple threat, but they did it with ease. Asuka showed her dominance from the get-go through her stiff striking and immaculate technicality. At first, Bianca was unsure of evading the onslaught, but once she found the groove, it was fantastic. Her unmatched power was in full display, which is expected, and that led to a thrilling stretch of a finale battle between the KOD & the armbar. It was contested so tight where a few close calls had me. However, I thought a full year was enough for the EST, but it looks like it isn’t. Asuka possesses all the tools & had major momentum in winning here. Let’s see what’s in store for the division after here – probably Bianca becomes a villain & Roxanne is promoted for the new vision of a champion? ****¼

Ben: Fantastic match, not quite as great as Charlotte/Rhea the night before but still excellent with great back and forth near falls at the end had you at the edge of your seat, bit of a surprise that Bianca won, struggling to think who else there is left to face her now but we’ll see. ****

MrDCWood: I don’t envy these ladies having to follow Gunther/Drew/Sheamus. The crowd was clearly spent after the epic we all witnessed. Nevertheless, Bianca and Asuka did a great job with their grueling encounter. It took a while to get the crowd back into things, but it was a very hard-fought match with both ladies showing why they rank among the best to graduate from NXT to the main-roster. Surprised Bianca retained, but she earned it. ****

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Out again come The Miz and Snoop Dogg to announce the second night attendance of 81,395! But Miz and Snoop get into it again causing a second match from the Miz who now faces…


IMG Credit: 411MANIA

….who immediately injured himself about 30 seconds into the match, causing…

The Miz vs. Snoop Dogg

IMG Credit:

Snoop Dogg def. The Miz via Pinfall at 2:12

Tanner: Let’s never mention this particular segment ever again. DUD


Prince: no thoughts

Ben: no thoughts

MrDCWood: Okay, I know Shane’s injury forced them to think on the fly here. And i credit Miz and Snoop Dog for trying to salvage things, but unlike the Pat McAfee segment last night, this was a disaster! Miz could afford the loss to Pat last night, but the Shane fiasco and losing to Snoop Dog damn near bankrupted him! Can’t excuse this… DUD

Rating: 0 out of 5.

Edge vs. ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor | Hell In A Cell Match

IMG Credit: Wrestlezone

Edge def. Finn Balor via Pinfall at 18:08

Tanner: This was a pretty interesting match as they don’t particularly do anything all that interesting, but manage to have a pretty well-done match anyway. Some of the demon stuff is a little corny, but you get used to it. Overall, this wasn’t nearly as great as I thought it would be, but I still relatively enjoyed this contest. ***¼

Prince: This was a bloodbath that’s been missing in the recent product of WWE for years. This rivalry deserves to have a gory conclusion like this where the characters were reincarnated to equalize each other without any glimpse of their weaknesses. Brood Edge is fantastic, but The Demon is so special that I rooted for him over the Hall of Famer for this bout. I’m happy with the outcome still since it’s Edge’s final WrestleMania possibly, and Bálor found the perfect person to receive a humongous boost in his career. The bloodshed stoppage for a moment added much to the story of Edge going to the wildest depths to silence his arch nemesis. I hope both stars are doing well after that war, and I pray for both to come back stronger. *****

Ben: No stupid red cell! Brutal match, weapons galore Finn busted hardway, stop interrupting match to check on guys, it’s Hell In A Cell, it’s supposed to be brutal! That aside, I hope Finn’s alright after that, the con-chair-to ending was fitting, Edge winning was again correct. it might be his last Mania match. If so, what a way to end it. ****½

MrDCWood: Storyline-wise, there’s been some intense stuff over the last year. Ergo, the feud merits having Hell in a Cell as the big-pay off. Plus, Edge had a WICKED entrance, and it’s SO GOOD to see the proper Hell in a Cell back! Unfortunately, Edge and Balor have lacked the in-ring chemistry we’d hoped for, and this bout dragged too long. Really liked Balor’s Coup De Grace from the side of the cell, Edge gets his revenge… but I felt it was all a big letdown. **½

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes | WWE Undisputed Universal Championship Match

IMG Credit: NAYAG Tricks

Roman Reigns def. Cody Rhodes via Pinfall at 34:29 to RETAIN the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship

Tanner: I am SHOCKED that Roman retained here as the build had all the keys to Cody winning the big one. I’m not sure what led to this particular decision, but it left a cold sore on what was rather a great main event match. As expected, this was extremely dramatic and had me on my feet for all near 35 minutes. The interferences, the near falls, Cody’s rise to what could’ve been his Title win, but again that finish is stuck in my brain for all the wrong reasons a disappointing way to end a disappointing show. ***½

Prince: Let the polarization begin! Even though I was disheartened by the result, the match itself had all the emotions connected so well. Roman’s “big game” formula was still there with interferences & a dusty ending, but he had to alter his in-ring ethic because of Cody’s sheer skill. Solo is christened as the mega force out of this story, and his dominance is yet to start! I don’t see the end of the world despite being a heart-to-heart follower of Cody even before he jumped to AEW & and arrives here to finish the story. I trust the creative, and if this huge heartbreak has been given by them in a night where we thought everything could change, the REAL crumble of The Bloodline will definitely be remembered. Until then, keep your heads high, Cody! We’re still here for you, and that’s all I have to say! ****½

Ben: Wow! Firstly, what a match! Roman is fully the best of this generation, Cody is ultimate babyface, the twists, Solo being sent to the back, the comebacks, the 2.99 kickouts had everyone tearing up inside, KO & Sami helping absolutely had me convinced Cody was winning but Solo ran back out to spike him and Roman spears and wins. Wow. Ending caught I think everyone off guard, seem almost a forgone conclusion that Cody would win, some may turn on Roman winning again but Triple H has earned enough trust in what he’s done so far to make the right call, as he said, it’s just the next chapter, the story never ends. *****

MrDCWood: Like Usos vs. Sami/KO from the previous night, this took time to get going, but once it DID…FANTASTIC! Once the crowd were on their side, Roman & Cody produced one of the best WrestleMania main-events in recent memory. Like all the other Roman Reigns matches since 2020, we were SO convinced that he was going to lose the belt or win again! The near-falls were epic, the Usos, Sami and Kevin’s interference was all epic, and Cody did his father and brother proud here! He belongs in the WrestleMania main-event. As for the ending…THAT is going to be extremely divisive. Cody SHOULD’VE won here. Whilst Cody was protected in the loss (thank you VERY MUCH, Solo!), and Roman is a huge box-office sensation…how much longer can this historic reign continue? Where does Cody go from here? Who else is there left to credibly challenge Roman? I’ll give Triple H the benefit of the doubt, though. ****½

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
IMG Credit:


Tanner: This was obviously not nearly as a great of a show as night 1, and it showed with the first two matches being bad and also honestly one of the worst segments of all time. Obviously, we have some great matches like the triple threat for the IC belt and the main event, but I was constantly left questioning the decisions made on this particular night. The quality is there, but the feeling was not. Bleh. 5/10

Prince: After a miraculous Saturday night, the second half of WWE’s largest spectacle had a tough task to follow, and it held its fort presenting a great show. The opener was fun, the women’s showcase was fine but not as great as the men’s, WALTER/Sheamus/McIntyre went to a war and almost killed each other, Bianca & Asuka fought a definite clash of diverse styles, the HIAC battle was a sheer bloodbath with vengeance playing the major part and the emotionally wrenched main event. I’m one among the dejected crowd because of the result, but I’m trusting the creative still, and Cody is not going to back down that easy. The main story keeps me interested in what’s about to happen, which leaves the 39th edition of WrestleMania a grand success and possibly one of the best WrestleMania events in a long time. 8/10

Ben: Somehow after the highs of Night 1, WrestleMania Night 2 managed to be equally fantastic for very different reasons, Brock/Omos somehow was decent, the IC Triple Threat was simply incredible, Bianca/Asuka was excellent, Edge/Balor was brutal and Roman/Cody like Night 1 was the emotional rollercoaster of amazing storytelling. Some might detract from the ending, but it was so well done, and it leaves me excited to know what happens next. 8/10

MrDCWood: This was weaker overall than the first night. Miz and Snoop Dogg were great hosts, but the fiasco of Shane’s return was just bad. The women’s tag bout was disappointing, but Lesnar/Omos was a decent opener, Bianca/Asuka was great, Roman/Cody was an excellent main-event let down by the wrong outcome, and we were ALL spoilt rotten by one of the greatest matches EVER in the Triple Threat Intercontinental Title bout between Gunther, Sheamus & Drew. Night One was better, but Night 2 was still a cracker of a show! 8/10

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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