WWF Survivor Series 1990 Review (Look At The Size Of That Egg Hock!)

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of WWF’s final PPV of 1990, Survivor Series. Featuring a handful of traditional elimination tag matches as usual, with the survivors of the matches qualifying for the evening’s main event – the “Ultimate Match Of Survival”.

Considering this is a “special” PPV with its own particular match type, some changes to the point system will be made. Considering one wrestler can very well be eliminated in seconds and still technically emerge victorious, only the survivors will get 1 point, while every member of the winning team (those eliminated included) will get 0.5. Each elimination will be worth 1 point, as usual.

Here is the list of champions in the WWF heading into this show:

  • WWF Champion: The Ultimate Warrior
  • WWF Intercontinental Champion: ‘The Texas Tornado’ Kerry Von Erich
  • WWF World Tag Team Champions: The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart)

Enjoy the review

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The hosts are Gorilla Monsoon & Roddy Piper
Live from Hartford, CT

Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match: The Warriors (The Ultimate Warrior, ‘The Texas Tornado’ Kerry Von Erich & Road Warriors [Hawk & Animal]) vs. The Perfect Team (Mr. Perfect & Demolition [Ax, Smash & Crush])(w/ Bobby Heenan & Mr. Fuji)
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The captains are Warrior and Perfect. Also you might be wondering what the hell is Warrior doing in the opener of a PPV. It’s because he’ll obviously pull double duty here (the main-event ultimate match of survival) and you wanna distance both matches to let Warrior rest, otherwise the guy would’ve gone purple out there. Animal slugs away on Smash to start and hits a body slam. Ax gets in and he pounds away on Kerry for a while. Kerry goes for the HEADSQUEEZING CLAW OF DEATH but Smash is there to break it up, and so is Warrior. Tornado gets the Claw and then Warrior comes in and shoulderblocks Ax twice. Warrior Splash follows and Ax is demolished at 3:23. And that was pretty much it for him in the company.

  • Demolition Ax eliminated (1 point to The Ultimate Warrior)

All the heels jump Warrior and Crush hits a clothesline for two. Warrior gets Hawk in and Perfect comes in as well, with mucho no-selling from Hawk and Perfect flying all over the place for him until Hawk misses a blind charge in the corner. Crush comes in and hits a backbreaker to take back control. Hawk eventually hits the flying clothesline from out of nowhere and goes for his comeback, but then the Demos and LOD get in and all hell breaks loose. Even the referee gets assaulted in the middle of the confusion, so he calls for the bell and DQs all four at 7:36.

  • LOD (Hawk & Animal) and Demolition (Smash & Crush) eliminated

So it’s Perfect alone against Warrior and Kerry. The cameras catch Perfect complaining to Heenan about having to go against those two maniacs in a funny bit! Warrior steps in but Perfect says he wants nothing to do with him, he wants Kerry and his belt instead. Fun fact: Perfect had already won the strap back at this point, but it hadn’t aired yet due to the power of good ol’ tape delay. Kerry catches Perfect with the TORNADO PUNCH but luckily for Perfect he goes flying out of the ring instead. Warrior gets involved for a double noggin knocker with Perfect & Heenan, but he distracts the ref and allows Perfect to quietly expose the turnbuckle. Kerry obviously misses the blind charge, eats the exposed buckle and the Perfectplex ends his night at 11:02.

  • The Texas Tornado eliminated (1 point to Mr. Perfect)

Warrior charges like an idiot and makes the exact same mistake as his partner did 30 seconds earlier, and the Perfectplex connects again. The only difference being it’s Warrior now, so it’s obviously just a nearfall. Perfect dropkick gets two more but HEEEEEE’S SHAKING! Warrior makes the comeback with the usual as Perfect gets to bounce around like a pinball. Clothesline 3x and the flying shoulderblock are followed up with the Warrior Splash and that’s all she wrote at 14:20.

  • Mr. Perfect eliminated (1 point to The Ultimate Warrior)

Winning team: The Warriors (0.5 points to each eliminated member)

Sole survivor: The Ultimate Warrior (1 point to him)

  • Rating: Decent opener. Four participants being eliminated at the same time was kinda lame, but I understand them wanting to continue the feud. Solid opener with Perfect carrying the whole thing on his back and bumping for pretty much everyone, and Warrior being in for about two or three minutes because he’s going to wrestle again later. **
The Million Dollar Team (Ted DiBiase, Rhythm & Blues [The Honky Tonk Man & Greg Valentine] & ???)(w/ Virgil, Jimmy Hart & Brother Love) vs. The Dream Team (Dusty Rhodes, The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart) & Koko B. Ware)
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DiBiase and Dusty are the captains here. On commentary, Piper brings up the death of Bret’s brother Dean the prior day, which obviously had to be on Bret’s mind. Meanwhile, DiBiase grabs the mic and announces the mystery partner. That mystery partner?

IMG credit: WWE &

It’s the debuting Undertaker. I’m sure you’ve since heard of him, he did pretty well for himself! The crowd immediately buys right into the gimmick, with Mark Callaway playing it superbly from the very first moment he was introduced. Bret officially becomes UT’s first opponent in the WWF (outside of a few Superstars tapings taped before this event) as they start for their respective teams. Bret criss crosses but runs right into a one handed chokeslam, with UT not letting him go and nailing the awesome facial expressions. Crazy to think he was ripping Lex Luger’s shirts on PPV just a few months ago in WCW while Heyman did all the character work for him, and here he just nails it from the start and Prichard is just kinda standing there being a complete non-factor. Anvil comes in with a shoulderblock which is completely no-sold by UT before he justs slams him away and stares at him! Koko tries his luck and misses a blind charge like a complete geek, and the Tombstone Piledriver kills the bird at 1:39.

  • Koko B. Ware eliminated (1 point to The Undertaker)

Bret makes a brief comeback for the babyfaces after Koko’s elimination, but Honky distracts him and allows Valentine to take over. Honky gets tagged in so he can finish Bret, but he spends too much time posing and allows Bret to make the hot tag to Anvil. Neidhart runs wild for a while and puts Honky out with a powerslam at 4:16. That was pretty much it for Honky in the WWF too, as he briefly did commentary on Superstars before leaving in January 1991.

  • The Honky Tonk Man eliminated (1 point to Jim Neidhart)

DiBiase jumps Neidhart until Dusty comes in to make the save and gets the tag to the delight of the crowd. Dusty runs wild and even throws a nice dropkick. Neidhart gets back in to hit a suplex for two. Virgil trips Anvil though, and DiBiase clotheslines him out at 5:49. It’s the Survivor Series, clotheslines are deadly!

  • Jim Neidhart eliminated (1 point to Ted DiBiase)

Rhodes comes right back after DiBiase, who wants none of it and tags in Undertaker instead. And here comes that feeling in the room again. This is awesome to watch and feel how the crowd got into it instantly. Bret gets back in and UT chokes away in the corner, with UT looking right at the camera and rolling his eyes back for the first time while doing it. Back to DiBiase briefly until Dusty gets tagged back in, as DiBiase tags UT back in. And then UT suddenly picks up the pace against Dusty after spending the whole match doing nothing but choking and mostly character work, which gets the crowd even more confused. In the good way of course. UT goes up and the a flying double axehandle pins Dusty (quite the big deal on your first night in the territory) at 8:26.

  • Dusty Rhodes eliminated (1 point to The Undertaker)

UT dumps Dusty like a polka dotted trash bag, causing Dusty to pick a fight with Brother Love at ringside. UT chases Big Dust all the way to the back which is enough to eliminate UT via count-out at 9:17.

  • The Undertaker eliminated

So with the Undertaker’s debut out of the way, we’re left with Bret Hart alone for the babyfaces against Valentine and the captain DiBiase. Valentine works the leg for a while to set up for the Figure Four. He goes for it but Bret reverses it into the cradle to leave only him and DiBiase at 9:57.

  • Greg Valentine eliminated (1 point to Bret Hart)

We’re down to Bret and DiBiase, and Piper’s really putting Bret over on commentary. Bret pounds away and dumps DiBiase with an atomic drop, before following him out there with a pescado as he keeps pounding away on the floor. DiBiase rakes the eyes and tries to send Bret into the post but ends up eating it himself. And some stairs for good measure as well. DiBiase crawls and begs for mercy, to which Bret replies with the vicious abdominal stomp. Bret follows it up with a couple of awesome uppercuts in the corner, but DiBiase reverses and whips Bret into the opposite buckle for the classic Bret chest bump. Which gets a believable nearfall. Bret turns a DiBiase backdrop into a backslide for two. Bret criss crosses but trips on DiBiase, who gets all cocky and turns his back… SIKE! Bret was playing possum and nearly steals it with the O’Connor roll. Virgil holds Bret for a shot on the apron, but Virgil takes it instead and Bret gets another roll up for two. Bret hits a violent backbreaker followed by the middle rope elbow for two more. Bret with a crossbody next, but DiBiase rolls through to steal the pin at 13:54, with Bret clearly saying “fuck” after losing!

  • Bret Hart eliminated (1 point to Ted DiBiase)

Winning team: The Million Dollar Team (0.5 points to each eliminated member)

Sole survivor: Ted DiBiase (1 point to him)

  • Rating: This was a fantastic match from start to finish, with the only dead period being when Undertaker first tagged out. The first half of the match was designed exclusively to put the newcomer over, and they all did a tremendously effective job at that. You’d think that would be all for this match, and it would certainly be more than enough to make it memorable, but Bret and DiBiase absolutely killed it in their terrific mini-match in the bout’s final moments. Bret got a couple of really hot nearfalls on such a huge star like Ted, and here it was quite clear the crowd was more than ready for a singles push. In less than fifteen minutes, two young wrestlers and future superstars were elevated. A huge success, and a good match as well in terms of in-ring action, with the final sequence being great. ***1/2

Meanwhile, we get an announcement for The Main Event airing the next night: Ted DiBiase is challenging Warrior for the WWF Championship. To be honest Warrior’s title reign just started to pick up very late once the feud with Savage and Sherri started in September, as the Rick Rude feud had been done the prior year and played second fiddle to Hogan/Quake at SummerSlam. The writing was clearly on the wall at this time already, and it was time to either introduce something new with Warrior or get the belt off him.

Meanwhile, Jake Roberts and his team cut a promo while Damian is in the shower. Roberts is using white contact lens and he wants to take out Rick Martel. I’ll explain this in a second.

The Vipers (Jake Roberts, Jimmy Snuka & The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty)) vs. The Visionaries (Rick Martel, The Warlord & ‘Power & Glory’ (Hercules & Paul Roma))(w/ Slick)
IMG credit: WWE

Roberts and Martel are the captains. The story here is that a few months earlier on TV, during the Brother Love Show, Martel sprayed ‘Arrogance’ in Roberts’ eyes (which obviously had something else there other than just a fragrance) and put him in the hospital. The Rockers double-team Warlord to start and then Martel runs away from Roberts. Off to Snuka for a dropkick on Warlord and he brings in Jannetty for a flying double axehandle. Jannetty goes up for another move but he flies into a powerslam instead and he’s gonzo at 5:03.

  • Marty Jannetty eliminated (1 point to The Warlord)

Michaels jumps in with a hurricanrana on Warlord and brings in Roberts for a short arm clothesline with a half-assed selljob from Warlord. Back to Michaels for a cover that Warlord kicks out of WITH AUTHORITY BY GAWD. Off to Hercules for a clothesline and Martel whips Michaels into the buckle to set up the Michaels flip bump for two. Martel misses a charge and Michaels makes the tag to Snuka, who comes in and gets a bodypress reversed into a Martel pin with a handful of tights for the pin at 9:28.

  • Jimmy Snuka eliminated (1 point to Rick Martel)

Roberts jumps in to hit the DDT but Martel barely blocks it at the last second and he’s immediately out of there. Roberts’ “goddamnit” facial expression is golden and young aspiring wrestlers should take notes. He doesn’t take it too far, it’s just a short reaction that the cameras will be there to catch, it’s great and we move on. Roma misses a middle rope flying fistdrop on Roberts though, and Michaels comes in with a flying back elbow followed by a middle rope elbowdrop for two. However Michaels gets caught in the heel corner as Power & Glory cut the ring in half. A Hercules press slam sets up the great Powerplex to eliminate Michaels at 15:40.

  • Shawn Michaels eliminated (1 point to Paul Roma)

So it’s Roberts left alone against the whole Visionaries team. He hits the DDT on Warlord, but Martel comes in to break it up. He tries to spray ‘Arrogance’ in Roberts’ eyes again unsuccessfully, with Roberts getting Damian out of the way and sending Martel running away. Roberts follows him in pursuit, causing the count-out to make the entire heel team survivors (Martel was not legal so it was not a double count-out) at 17:42.

  • Jake Roberts eliminated

Survivors: The Visionaries (1 point to everyone)

  • Rating: I will admit it, I wasn’t expecting much from this. With that said, I found myself enjoying this more than I thought. The whole Roberts/Martel storyline carried this match and it was nice to see Roberts desperately wanting to get his hands on the Model, to the point where he even sacrificed the loss just to finally get his revenge. Nice little match here. **1/2
The Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan, The Big Bossman, ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan & Tugboat) vs. The Natural Disasters (Earthquake, Dino Bravo, Haku & The Barbarian)(w/ Bobby Heenan & Jimmy Hart)
IMG credit: WWE

Hogan and Quake are the captains here. Duggan pounds away on Haku to start but Bravo catches him with an atomic drop. Off to Bossman and it’s back to Haku for a great dropkick, only for him to walk into the Bossman slam for the first elimination at 3:15.

  • Haku eliminated (1 point to The Big Bossman)

Heenan gets up on the apron to distract Bossman (they were having a weird storyline in which Heenan and Rick Rude were making comments about Bossman’s mother… but then Rude left the company) and allows Barbarian to hit a suplex and take over. He misses an elbowdrop though and here comes Duggan. He runs wild for a while until Earthquake gets in and shit gets real. Quake and Bossman clothesline each other for a double KO spot and Duggan finds out he can’t slam Quake. I’m shocked and appalled too. Duggan gets pissed, the managers get involved, and Duggan grabs the 2×4 for the same old awful and predictable Duggan DQ finish at 6:12.

  • Jim Duggan eliminated

Seriously, I think he’s a fun character but I never get into any of his matches at all. Hogan comes in and he’s in house cleaning mode, until he gets face-to-face with Quake. Hogan rakes the eyes like any good inspirational figure would and slams him. Quake barely sells it though and responds with his own slam to Hogan. Tag to Bravo so he can fuck this up, and indeed he immediately walks into a Hogan small package (check out the moveset, brother!) to put him out at 7:59.

  • Dino Bravo eliminated (1 point to Hulk Hogan)

Bossman goes after Earthquake next, but Barbarian gets involved and Quake drops a couple of massive elbowdrops to free the Bossman at 9:08.

  • The Big Bossman eliminated (1 point to Earthquake)

And then in a funny bit Gorilla declares Hogan is all alone against Quake and Barbarian, and admits he totally forgot about Tugboat. I can’t blame you Gorilla, I can’t blame you! Hogan tries another slam on Quake but this time the big man falls on top and gets two. Hogan finally tags Tugboat in so he can go fuck things up, but surprisingly he takes Earthquake out and sacrifices himself to get rid of the big man with a double count-out elimination at 11:33. He was already ten times more useful than I thought he would be.

  • Earthquake & Tugboat eliminated

This leaves Hogan alone with Barbarian and do I need to describe what happens next? Barbarian hits a piledriver for two before they clothesline each other for a double KO spot. Barbarian follows it up with his flying clothesline and Hogan hulks up. Wham wham wham, boot, leg, thanks for coming big man at 14:49.

  • The Barbarian eliminated (1 point to Hulk Hogan)

Winning team: The Hulkamaniacs (0.5 points to each eliminated member)

Sole survivor: Hulk Hogan (1 point to him)

  • Rating: This was easily the least interesting match so far, even though Hogan was still the most over star on the roster. The bout itself was just a number of meaningless eliminations back and forth, with Duggan’s and Bravo’s in particular being quite dumb. Once Quake went away via count-out, so went all the drama as you didn’t even need to watch the rest to know what was going to happen. Watchable match but very forgettable. *1/2

Meanwhile, ‘Macho King’ Randy Savage comes out for an interview with Mean Gene and says he wants what he once had before, the WWF Championship. He even mentions retirement here, which he was legitimately planning after WrestleMania 7 to have children until Vince called him back after Warrior left in late 91 due to lack of star power (Hogan was mostly away doing other stuff).

The Mercenaries (Sgt. Slaughter, The Orient Express (Sato & Tanaka) & Boris Zhukov)(w/ Mr. Fuji & Gen. Adnan) vs. The Alliance (Nikolai Volkoff, Tito Santana & The Bushwhackers (Butch & Luke))
IMG credit: WWE

Slaughter and Volkoff are the captains here. Slaughter cuts a ridiculously long promo with Mean Gene on the ramp about the real life ongoing war while his annoying music keeps playing in the back the whole time. This is when the character was starting to REALLY reach that level. Santana immediately puts Zhukov away like the useless geek he is with the Flying Jalapeno at 0:48.

  • Boris Zhukov eliminated (1 point to Tito Santana)

The Orient Express come in for a double-team move to Tito, who moves out of the way and causes Sato to be kicked instead. Tag to Butch and the Bushwhackers’ Battering Ram eliminates Sato at 1:46.

  • Sato eliminated (1 point to Bushwhacker Butch)

The Flying Jalapeno gets rid of Tanaka at 2:13.

  • Tanaka eliminated (1 point to Tito Santana)

Which means that yes, the heel is left with a four-on-one disadvantage after two minutes. What a stupid idea, at least I hope these guys’ payoffs were good. And hey Boris Zhukov got to be on PPV, so great for him! Slaughter still dominates Volkoff like it’s nothing, even though he’s supposed to be in a huge disadvantage. This match is so weird and pointless. Slaughter destroys him with a number of elbows followed by a dropkick(!) and then another elbowdrop eliminates Nikolai at 5:25.

  • Nikolai Volkoff eliminated (1 point to Sgt. Slaughter)

The Bushwhackers’ turn to fight FOR AMERICA now, but a Luke flying splash finds Slaughter’s knees and a gutbuster puts the first weirdo away at 6:30.

  • Bushwhacker Luke eliminated (1 point to Sgt. Slaughter)

Butch tries his luck next only to eat some buckle before walking into a CLOTHESLINE FOR THE WIN!! at 6:53.

  • Bushwhacker Butch eliminated (1 point to Sgt. Slaughter)

So we have our second DEADLY CLOTHESLINE of the night as we’re down to Sarge and Chico. Slaughter backdrops Santana and then blockes a monkey flip before hitting a neckbreaker for two. We get a ref bump (in this match???) right before Tito nails the Flying Jalapeno, which draws Adnan in to attack Tito with the flag and allow Slaughter to put him in the camel clutch. The ref sees all this while slowly getting back up to his feet and calls for the bell at 10:52, awarding the win to Santana via DQ while he’s still in the camel clutch.

  • Sgt. Slaughter eliminated

Winning team: The Alliance (0.5 points to each eliminated member)

Sole survivor: Tito Santana (1 point to him)

  • Rating: What a weird match. I wouldn’t call this a complete clusterfuck, because it was fine enough in the ring and they at least had an end-goal to put Slaughter over, but the road to get there was just a complete mess. Slaughter being left in such a big disadvantage so early draws him sympathy if anything, but then he just beats all of them one by one anyway. Complete filler to at least give Hogan & Warrior a fellow babyface (Santana) in the main-event for the heels not to look like complete jabronies. That’s all this was, but at least Slaughter was protected. Pointless match. 1/2*

And now… oh god…

IMG credit: WWE &

It’s the Gobbledy Gooker. The crowd doesn’t react to this whatsoever because it’s just fucking childish and not funny. Mean Gene nearly saves this by saying his legs remind him of his mother-in-law as they go to the ring and dance. This is absolutely awful, PLEASE avoid this unless you want to mock this whole thing.

So on one company there’s a guy dressed as a chicken coming out of an egg, while in the other a man does magic tricks such as being able to disappear and turning people into animals. I miss the 80s already.

Meanwhile, both teams in the main-event cut promos in the back. Ted DiBiase steals the whole segment (SHOCKING, I know) by saying that not only are the babyfaces in a 3-on-5 disadvantage, but two of their members were fighting each other just a few months earlier at WM 6. Stop teasing good things that I know I can’t have, Ted.

I always thought turning Warrior heel on this show or at least making him more of a tweener to go up against Hogan would’ve been a much better idea. Instead Warrior just kinda stayed as a babyface and went on to play fourth wheel to Savage, Sherri & Liz (at WrestleMania) and support Hogan at SummerSlam. It’s not like Warrior’s title reign was setting the world on fire anyway, the Hogan/Earthquake feud was always above whatever Warrior was doing.

Main-Event – The Ultimate Match Of Survivor: The Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan & Tito Santana vs. Ted DiBiase, Rick Martel, The Warlord & Power & Glory (Hercules & Paul Roma)(w/ Virgil & Slick)
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Santana hits the Flying Jalapeno on Warlord to put him out already at 0:28. Santana ended up forearming the atmosphere because Warlord took the bump about a second too early. This guy is just awful.

  • The Warlord eliminated (1 point to Tito Santana)

Roma jumps Santana with a powerslam immediately and he tags DiBiase in to take over. Santana fights back and goes for the Flying Jalapeno, but DiBiase ducks and stunguns him for the pin at 1:51.

  • Tito Santana eliminated (1 point to Ted DiBiase)

So it’s Hogan and Warrior left, and Warrior hasn’t entered the ring yet after three minutes of action or so in the opening match. And I thought my cardio was bad, geez. Power & Glory pound away on Hogan for a while and set up for the Powerplex. Good luck with that, boys. They connect but Hogan hulks up and puts Roma away with the DEADLY SURVIVOR SERIES CLOTHESLINE #3 at 5:57.

  • Paul Roma eliminated (1 point to Hulk Hogan)

Warrior gets the hot tag, slams Martel twice and… tags out again. Hogan follows it up with the big boot but Martel is like ‘no sir’ and he takes a walk to the back at 7:17.

  • Rick Martel eliminated

Next in line in the job line: Ted DiBiase. Hogan beats him up for a while and finishes with the big boot followed by the Legdrop at 8:30. So much for being the number one contender the following night. With so many shitty DQ & count-out finishes, this could’ve EASILY been one of them that was actually understandable.

  • Ted DiBiase eliminated (1 point to Hulk Hogan)

Which leaves poor Hercules alone. You can do this, big man. Hogan slams him like he’s nothing and then kindly tags in Warrior in so he can finish with the Warrior Splash at 9:07.

  • Hercules eliminated (1 point to The Ultimate Warrior)

Winning team: Warrior & Hogan’s, duh (0.5 points to Santana, who was eliminated)

THE ULTIMATE SURVIVORS: The Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan (1 point to them)

  • Rating: A match with so much potential turned out to be the most predictable and boring of scenarios – Hogan and Warrior clean house and win. Warrior was absolutely awful in this match/show, wrestling a grand total of about five minutes and sucking wind by the end while Hogan wrestled pretty much this whole match. Rushed eliminations with a predictable and disappointing ending make this easily one of the biggest missed opportunities in company history. *


Final thoughts: I wanna start by saying this concept is really interesting, and was a good way to draw Hogan & Warrior back together without making a huge deal out of it during the build. But nope, instead it turned out to be Hogan & Warrior being all friendly and standing tall side by side. Oh and don’t forget the Gobbledy Gooker was also a thing that happened. The only highlight of this whole show is the second match, featuring superb performances from The Undertaker, Ted DiBiase and Bret Hart along with arguably the greatest arrival in WWF/E history. I’d give this show a thumbs in the middle, leaning down. 4/10

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Check out my point system here. However, as mentioned at the start of the piece, there will be a few different rules due to this being a unique show.

WrestlerStar ratingsResultsMain-eventingExtrasTotal
Hulk Hogan2.521+4 for four eliminations9.5
The Ultimate Warrior321+3 for three eliminations 9
Ted DiBiase4.511+3 for three eliminations
-1 for being eliminated by pin
Tito Santana1.51.51+3 for three eliminations
-1 for being eliminated by pin
Rick Martel3.511+1 for an elimination
-0.5 for being eliminated by CO
Paul Roma
The Warlord
3.511+1 for an elimination
-1 for being eliminated by pin
The Undertaker3.50.5+2 for two eliminations
-0.5 for being eliminated by CO
Hercules3.511-1 for being eliminated by pin4.5
Bret Hart
Jim Neidhart
3.5+1 for an elimination
-1 for being eliminated by pin
Greg Valentine
The Honky Tonk Man
3.50.5-1 for being eliminated by pin3
Sgt. Slaughter0.5+3 for three eliminations
-0.5 for being eliminated by DQ
Dusty Rhodes
Koko B. Ware
3.5-1 for being eliminated by PIN2.5
20.5-0.5 for being eliminated by DQ2
Mr. Perfect2+1 for an elimination
-1 for being eliminated by pin
Jake Roberts2.5-0.5 for being eliminated by DQ 2
Earthquake1.5+1 for an elimination
-0.5 for being eliminated by CO
The Big Bossman1.50.5+1 for an elimination
-1 for being eliminated by pin
The Texas Tornado20.5-1 for being eliminated by pin 1.5
2-0.5 for being eliminated by DQ 1.5
Jimmy Snuka
Shawn Michaels
Marty Jannetty
2.5-1 for being eliminated by pin 1.5
Jim Duggan
1.50.5-0.5 for being eliminated by DQ/CO 1.5
Ax2-1 for being eliminated by pin1
Bushwhacker Butch0.50.5+1 for an elimination
-1 for being eliminated by pin
The Barbarian
Dino Bravo
1.5-1 for being eliminated by pin 0.5
Nikolai Volkoff
Bushwhacker Luke
0.50.5-1 for being eliminated by pin 0
Buris Zhokov
0.5-1 for being eliminated by pin -0.5

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