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WWF The Main Event II Review (The Mega Powers Explode)

Welcome everyone to the review of the second edition of The Main Event as we get closer and closer to WrestleMania V. There’s only one edition of SNME to go before the big event, with a Clash of the Champions and Chi-Town Rumble from the NWA happening before ‘Mania as well.

These were the champions at the time:

  • WWF Champion: Randy Savage
  • Intercontinental Champion: The Ultimate Warrior
  • Tag Team Champions: Demolition (Ax & Smash)
  • Women’s Champion: Rockin’ Robin

The hosts are Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura

The Mega Powers (Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan)(w/ Miss Elizabeth) vs. The Twin Towers (Akeem & The Big Bossman)(w/ Slick)

Both heels took turns attacking the Mega Powers on different editions of the Brother Love show to get us here. Meanwhile, the babyfaces have obviously not been getting along so well during the last few months mostly due to Savage being paranoid over Elizabeth and Hogan being an asshole. Bossman and Savage start but Bossman wants Hogan. Savage brings him in so it’s Hogan starting instead. Hogan obviously dominates and forces the heels to regroup while generously allowing Savage to get some shots in. Man, could anyone ask for a better tag team partner than the Hulkster!? Savage gets in with an axehandle to the African Dream before getting Hogan back in. However, the heels corner Hogan to take over with Bossman hitting a piledriver. Hogan tries to fight back only to walk right into a Bossman spinebuster for two. Hot tag Savage for a high cross that gets two, but Macho quickly finds himself playing face-in-peril and getting dominated by both Twin Towers after Slick gets a shot in. Akeem then sends Savage flying right into Elizabeth, knocking her down and out. Now the famous story and turn begins, as Hogan tends to Elizabeth and takes her all the way to the back while Akeem brings a visually jealous Savage by the hair back in. We go to break with Hogan worried about Elizabeth in the back.


Back from break as Savage continues to get destroyed by both heels while Hogan is still in the back worried with Elizabeth. Liz wakes up from her coma and (rightfully) tells Hogan to go back to the ring and help Randy once she finds out the match is still going on. I mean he’s a wrestler, not a doctor. Which means not only would he not do anything to help Elizabeth, but he’s also leaving his partner alone in the ring at the same time and not doing anything to help him either. That’s a DOUBLE useless asshole move! With Hogan finally back on the apron Savage drops the axehandle on Bossman as Hogan desperately wants to get in but Savage ignores him and tries to win the match by himself. I mean, to be fair, Savage has been there alone for the last five minutes so why would he tag Hogan in now that he’s finally in control? Hogan keeps on crying in the corner so Savage finally has enough of him and brings him in the hard way with a slap to the face. Savage proceeds to grab his belt and now he’s the one leaving. Fair enough. If you’ve never watched any Hogan match in your life you might be thinking he’s in serious trouble at this point, now that he’s alone with the two baddest heels on the roster at the time. For those who have, you know what comes next. Hogan finishes both Akeem and Bossman with the Usual like they’re nothing, with Akeem taking that big leg and the pinfall at 22:00.

  • Analysis: This is not an easy match to rate as it was more of an angle to sell WrestleMania V than a wrestling match per say. The story, however, was fantastic and this was a pleasure to see. I feel all characters involved are right in some wau and everyone’s actions are justified, so it’s no secret why this feud worked so well. Just a normal tag match with your typical Hogan comeback to finish, but an all-time great angle and segment that people still remember today that has to elevate the rating. **

– Meanwhile, all three are in the back and Savage finally explodes in Hogan’s face letting him know everything that has been running through his mind. Hogan ignores him and turns his back to ask Elizabeth “please talk some sense into him” so Savage hits him with the belt in the back of the head to FINALLY turn heel and the beating is on. Savage even shoves the injured Elizabeth out of the way to make sure everyone knows he’s a bad guy now. Brutus Beefcake comes in to rescue Hogan but he too takes a shot as Savage leaves alone with his title. AWESOME.

(Alleged) main event: Ted DiBiase(w/ Virgil) vs. Hercules

Let’s be honest right about now… who gives a crap about this after that? These two have been having a decent feud, but there’s no way they can follow the EXPLOSION and everyone knows it. Hercules fights out both DiBiase and Virgil to start with a gorilla press slam on DiBiase. DiBiase cheats to get Hercules outside of the ring, and back in the million dollar fistdrops get two. So does a flying elbow. Hercules tries to come back with a suplex but ends up running into a boot for two. Hercules hits a powerslam to get back in control, though, and Virgil wraps Herc’s chain around the turnbuckle. DiBiase is the one who ends up eating it for a nearfall. Another whip into it sets up the torture rack, but with the ref busy trying to remove the chain, Virgil gets involved and allows DiBiase to get a roll-up with a handful of tights at 7:12.

Analysis: Decent enough and watchable but like I said before, who cares? *1/2

– Hulk Hogan does not want to comment about what happened today and he tries to find Savage as we fade to black.


FINAL THOUGHTS: What a great show to sell WrestleMania. The whole Mega Powers storyline was terrific and is still remembered by fans these days. You obviously should not go into this show expecting to see spectacular wrestling matches, as this was about building up Hogan vs. Savage for WrestleMania V. It did that and then some. I won’t even talk about DiBiase/Hercules because there’s literally no point. 9/10

Here are the points for the show:

  • Hulk Hogan: 3.5 points (2 for star rating + 1 for winning + 0.5 for winning the fall)
  • Ted DiBiase: 3.5 points (1.5 for star rating + 1 for winning + 1 for main-eventing)
  • Randy Savage: 3 points (2 for star rating + 1 for winning)
  • Hercules: 1.5 point (1.5 for star rating + 1 for main-eventing – 1 for losing)
  • Big Bossman: 1 point (2 for star rating – 1 for losing)
  • Akeem: 0.5 points (2 for star rating – 1 for losing – 0.5 for losing the fall)

As always, thank you so much for your time. We’re getting close to WrestleMania V and the legendary Hogan vs. Savage main-event, but we still have a few stops before getting there. Up next is my very first review of an NWA show, Chi-Town Rumble. And if you want to talk about legendary.. Flair vs. Steamboat! Until next time.