WWF The Main Event III Review (The Warriors Continue To Challenge The Mania)

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the very last WWF show before WrestleMania VI. This show features just two matches, with both Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan putting their respective titles on the line. Will someone trip on the way to the big clash?

Note: Boxing Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson was supposed to be a guest on this show and referee the Hogan/Savage World title match, but he lost the belt a couple of weeks before this show. Therefore his substitute is… new Boxing Heavyweight Champion James ‘Buster’ Douglas. Ouch!

Here is the list of champions in the WWF heading into this show:

  • WWF World Champion: Hulk Hogan
  • WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Ultimate Warrior
  • WWF World Tag Team Champions: The Colossal Connection (André the Giant & Haku)

Enjoy the review!

Throwback Thursday: WWF The Main Event III, As Seen on WWE Network |  Wrestling DVD Network
IMG credit: WWE

The hosts are Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura
Taped from Detroit, MI

Randy Savage’s opening promo: “OOOH YEAAAH Hulk Hogan I got the most powerful right hand in the world because it’s packed full of Macho Madness OOOOH YEEEAAH! And you, ‘Buster’ Douglas, you better stay in line or I’ll give you a thrill. ‘Cause if the right one won’t getcha, the left one will. BAM BAM. OOOOOOOH YEEAAAAH. DIG IT!” And this is why he’s one of the best. No words!

WWF World Championship: Hulk Hogan(c) vs. Randy Savage(w/ Sensational ‘Queen’ Sherri) – enforcer: James ‘Buster’ Douglas

Savage jumps Hogan to start and gets the Macho necksnap very early into it. A high knee dumps Hogan and Savage tries to follow with the flying double axehandle, but Douglas gets in his way and Savage stays inside the ropes. That allows Hogan to get back on the apron, and another Macho high knee misses this time and hits Sherri instead. Great bump by Sherri there also. Savage turns around into a Hulk clothesline and from there Hogan takes over. Hogan pounds away in the corner before hitting another clothesline, and more pounding ensues. Savage turns things around with a couple of elbows, and the distraction allows Sherri to get her cheapshots in. Douglas comes in to send her packing though, and we take a break.


We come back with Hogan powering out of a Savage resthold, only for Savage to dump him again and this time connect with the flying double axe. Another one back inside gets two. Douglas gets in Savage’s face once more, but the King rightfully ignores him and bodyslams Hogan to set up the Macho Elbow. It connects and… it’s no sold. Usual Hulk Up routine but the ref gets bumped. Hogan takes him down and hits the Legdrop anyway, and Douglas comes in to count and give Hogan the win to retain at 11:14.

  • Rating: This was fun. It was predictable as hell and it’s kind of sad to see Savage be such an afterthought just one year after being the World’s champion, but it was mostly fun otherwise. Not that it gets close to touching their ‘Mania 5 classic, but it was never going to do that anyway and you would only be fooling yourself if you expected them to do it. Savage eats a Douglas right hand (only going down on the second one), and the champs pose to end the segment. Fun stuff. **1/4

Meanwhile, Jesse Ventura congratulates Dino Bravo on being the next IC Champion. Ultimate Warrior follows and actually cuts a decent and logical promo for once, still with his added intensity.

(Alleged) Main-Event – WWF Intercontinental Championship: The Ultimate Warrior(c) vs. Dino Bravo(w/ The Canadian Earthquake & Jimmy Hart)

Warrior is all fired up to start. He dumps Bravo but Earthquake catches him behind the ref’s back and cuts him off. Suddenly Warrior pulls a Hornswoggle before pulling a Hornswoggle was even a thing and goes under the ring, pulling Jimmy Hart in with him. Jimmy comes out of there with his pants off and he runs to the back, humiliated. Warrior comes back too, and Earthquake gets in a few more shots and throws him back in for Bravo to finish him off. Bravo puts him in a bearhug followed by the sideslam, but Warrior (obviously) is not done yet. He proceeds to make the big comeback, runs wild and puts Bravo away with the Warrior Splash to retain at 4:11.

  • Rating: This… existed. Quick win for Warrior on the way to Hogan at WrestleMania. 1/2*

Earthquake comes in for the beatdown afterwards, which draws Hogan back in to “save the WrestleMania main-event” and clean house. Warrior gets back up and he’s not happy. They get in each other’s face yet again to sell WrestleMania even more. A Vince McMahon recap of the Hogan/Warrior feud followed by quick promos by both guys close the show.

Throwback Thursday: WWF The Main Event III, As Seen on WWE Network |  Wrestling DVD Network
IMG credit: WWE


Final thoughts: As you can see, this was nothing more than extended workouts for Hogan and Warrior heading into WrestleMania. The show featured just their matches, and it was effective at selling their big encounter. It was effective at doing that, but if you wouldn’t be missing much if you didn’t watch it. Still, not particularly bad or anything. 4/10


You can read about how my point system works here.

WrestlerStar ratingsResultMain-eventingExtrasTotal
Hulk Hogan2.251+1 for retaining a title4.25
The Ultimate Warrior0.511+1 for retaining a title3.5
Randy Savage2.25-11.25
Dino Bravo0.5-110.5

Thank you so much for reading! Make sure you don’t miss my next review, of NWA/WCW WrestleWar 90. After that, it’s time for WWF with the massive Hogan/Warrior showdown and WrestleMania VI! Stay safe.