WWF SummerSlam 1991 Review (Match Made In Hell Indeed)

August 26, 1991
Live from New York, NY
Announced attendance: 20.000 (capacity: ca 18.500!)
PPV buyrate: 405.000

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of WWF’s SummerSlam 1991 event, featuring a “Match Made In Heaven” (Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth getting married) and a “Match Made In Hell” (handicap bout between Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior and the Triangle of Terror). Also, Ted DiBiase is challenged by former bodyguard Virgil for the Million Dollar belt, Bret Hart looks for his first big singles break as he challenges Mr. Perfect for the IC Title, and much more.

Here is the list of champions in the WWF heading into SummerSlam:

  • WWF Champion: Hulk Hogan [champion since March 24th 1991 – previous champion: Sgt. Slaughter]
  • WWF Intercontinental Champion: Mr. Perfect [champion since Nov. 19th 1990 – previous champion: The Texas Tornado]
  • WWF World Tag Team Champions: The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) [champions since March 24th 1991 – previous champions: The Hart Foundation]

Enjoy the review!

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IMG credit: WWE

The hosts are Gorilla Monson, Bobby Heenan & Roddy Piper

Ricky Steamboat, The British Bulldog & ‘The Texas Tornado’ Kerry Von Erich vs. The Warlord & Power and Glory (Hercules & Paul Roma)(w/ Slick)

IMG credit: WWE

This was Steamboat’s one and only PPV appearance during this weird brief WWF run, where he wasn’t even billed as Ricky Steamboat for some dumb reason. Also, why did Hercules grow a moustache at this time? He looks like Jake Roberts on steroids. Maybe he was trying to confuse the office and get Jake’s big run with Ultimate Warrior and Undertaker in his place. Roma cheapshots Steamboat to start and gets a powerslam followed by a dropkick. He goes up, but Steamboat catches him with an armdrag in mid-air and goes to work on the arm. Roma makes it to the corner, however, where he gets a cheapshot on Steamboat. He eats buckle on a blind charge, though, and Steamboat catches him with an another armdrag followed by a dropkick of his own. Hercules comes in off the tag, but walks into a number of armdrags from Steamboat as well, who tags in Kerry. Tornado rams Herc’s head into the buckle a few times and slugs away in the corner. However, Hercules rakes the eyes and brings in Warlord, but Bulldog comes in at the same time. Bulldog knocks him off his feet after four consecutive clotheslines, and hits a vertical suplex for two. Off to Steamboat, who comes in with the FLYING KARATE CHOP OF HAWAIIAN DEATH. Warlord manages to block a Steamboat monkey flip, though, and Roma comes in with a clothesline.

Roma gets distracted with Tornado, however, which allows Steamboat to block a powerslam and get an O’Connor Roll, but Warlord breaks it up with a clothesline. Roma follows it up with a snap suplex for two. Roma shows off his power with three backbreakers in a row, and up next it’s Hercules’ turn with a gorilla press slam. Off to Warlord for a slam, followed by Roma’s buttdrop splash as Steamboat keeps playing Ricky Morton and tries to carry a match for five other people. Steamboat shows some life and tries to make a comeback, but Hercules catches him with a stungun and cuts him off. Warlord slams him and goes up(!), but the Vertical Jump That Always Misses only finds boot. Tornado comes in running wild off the hot tag, as both Power & Glory hit the Tornado Punch. He goes to work on Warlord next, but gets a blind tag to Bulldog before Warlord can sunset flip him. Davey goes up but gets caught by Warlord, only for Kerry to hit the Tornado Punch and Bulldog falls on top for two. Roma gets the tag but walks into Davey’s Running Powerslam for… one?!?!?!?! They all get in and start fighting as IT’S BREAKING LOOSE IN THE GARDEN. In the middle of the confusion, Steamboat gets the tag and finishes Roma with the high crossbody at 10:43.

  • Rating: Decent opening match to get the crowd going, but not much more than that. This would turn out to be Steamboat’s final WWF PPV match ever, by the way, excluding his brief 2009 return. **1/4

Bret Hart might be excellent, but he’s not perfect, says Mr. Perfect.

WWF Intercontinental Championship – Mr. Perfect(c)(w/ Coach) vs. Bret Hart

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Perfect came into this match with a broken back and wouldn’t wrestle again until the following year’s Survivor Series, which makes what he did here all the more impressive. Lockup gets things going, and Bret strikes with a shoulderblock and a hiptoss, as Perfect starts bumping all over the ring and bails. Back in, Bret gets two with a crucifix pin and immediately takes him back down with a headlock. Perfect escapes the hold by pulling the hair, so Bret pulls the hair in return and puts him back in the hold. Perfect does it again, and again Bret returns the favour before getting two with a crossbody. The kickout sends Bret all the way to the apron, where Bret gets a spear followed by a springboard sunset flip for two, and right back to the headlock he goes. Perfect pulls some hair once again, and he escapes the hold with a chop. Bret blocks a kick to the gut, though, and fights back with the abdominal stomp. Perfect whips Bret into the buckle and slams him, but gets kicked off, and then Bret slams him but gets kicked off as well, only to dump Perfect with a clothesline. Perfect calls it a night and is more than happy to take a count-out loss, but Bret follows him and literally rips Perfect’s gear apart before bringing him back inside the ring.

Perfect begs for mercy back in and hides in the corner, before eventually getting a cheapshot in the corner. Perfect dumps Bret with a couple of low kicks, and proceeds to shove him off the apron all the way onto a photographer and into the railing. Back in, Bret shows some life and gets two with an O’Connor Roll, but Perfect immediately cheapshots him and gets back in control. Whip into the buckle (featuring the Bret Hart bump) gets two. Perfect necksnap gets two more. A dropkick dumps Bret, and Perfect follows him to the outside. They both climb up to the apron get into a slugfest on the top rope, but both eventually fall down, with Perfect landing on top for two. Perfect bitchslaps Bret a couple of times and slams him out of the corner by the hair, setting up the “let’s go Bret” chants. A Perfect sleeper is blocked by Bret, who goes for another crucifix pin, which this time Perfect turns into a samoan drop for two. Perfect chops away and whips Bret into the buckle for another Bret Hart bump, this time chest-first, for two more. Perfect sets up for the Perfectplex and hits it for a rare nearfall.

Bret fights back with a couple of atomic drops followed by his own slam out of the corner by the hair, setting up Mr. Perfect’s ball-crushing bump on the post. Bret hits a suplex for two. Inside cradle gets two. Russian legsweep gets two. Bret nails a backbreaker with extra mustard and goes up for the middle rope elbow for two. The crowd is literally booing the fact that Perfect is still able to kickout! Bret argues with the referee, which gives Perfect a small window to O’Connor Roll Bret for two. They take the fight to the outside, where Bret whips Perfect into the post. Back in, Bret kicks at Perfect’s legs in the ropes for the classic Mr. Perfect bumps, setting up the Sharpshooter, but Coach gets up and distracts him. Bret knocks him off the apron with a punch, with an indignant Bobby Heenan crying that Bret hit a man wearing glasses – hilarious! Bret goes to leave the ring and chase Coach, but Perfect kicks the middle rope right into Bret’s little Hitmans, putting Perfect back in control and restarting the “let’s go Bret” chants. Perfect follows it up with a dangerously low legdrop. He goes for another one, but Bret blocks by grabbing Perfect’s leg on the mat and turns him over into the Sharpshooter for the submission win and the IC title at 18:04. Bret rips up the rest of Perfect’s gear and celebrates with his parents Stu & Helen in the crowd.

  • Rating: These two tore the Garden down in an instant classic for the IC title, even with Perfect wrestling with his back destroyed, which is incredible. Fantastic storytelling by both, with Bret not allowing Perfect to get the upper hand by cheating, returning the favour every single time. The nearfalls and false finishes near the end were absolutely amazing, especially the one which saw Bret kick out of the Perfectplex. Also props for the innovative finish, which is always welcome in wrestling. Just an awesome match, both historically and technically. ****1/2

The Bushwhackers recap Earthquake destroying André the Giant’s leg a few months back on Superstars of Wrestling. The fact that this stupid company erases the of wrestling part out of the Superstars name is just ridiculous. Why would one be so ashamed of being apart of the wrestling business? That’s Vince McMahon for you. Sportz entertainment my ass…

The Bushwhackers (Butch & Luke)(w/ André the Giant) vs. The Natural Disasters (Earthquake & Typhoon)(w/ Jimmy Hart)

IMG credit: WWE

Jimmy Hart asked André to be Earthquake’s partner a couple of months earlier on Superstars, but André refused and Quake destroyed his leg in the process. A few weeks later, Tugboat turned on the Bushwhackers during a six men tag match, allowing Quake to win and revealing himself as his new partner under the new ring name “Typhoon”, setting up this match. The Bushwhackers jump the Disasters with thumbs to the eyes on the floor before the bell, but then stop to mess around with André and allow the Disasters to regroup. Well, nobody ever said intelligence was their strong point. Typhoon gets his ass bitten to start, and Quake tries to make the save but ends up taking out his partner instead. The Bushwhackers clean house with a battering ram to Quake onto Typhoon followed by a double clothesline to Earthquake. However, they stop to celebrate like the big goofballs they are, allowing Quake to jump Butch and take control. He sets up for a big elbow to the back, but telegraphs it way too much and Butch moves out of the way.

Quake prevents Butch from making the tag, though, and this time the elbow to the back connects. Typhoon comes in briefly to hit a backbreaker, and it’s back to Quake for a bearhug. Meanwhile, Bobby Heenan leaves the commentary table for a while to go and discuss some business with Hulk Hogan backstage. Quake gives Butch a backbreaker of his own, and tags Typhoon as Piper wonders if Typhoon will continue the psychology over the back. Come on, Rowdy! Then Typhoon makes him look dumb by doing a back elbow smash, to which Piper follows with “elbow, lands on the back, it counts”. Right, so every bump in wrestling counts as solid in-ring psychology over the opponent’s back! Quake comes in for a clothesline, but takes out Typhoon instead and allows Butch to make the hot tag to Luke. The Bushwhackers run wild with battering rams for both and Luke gets two on Typhoon. Quake comes in and just squashes poor Luke via Bushwhacker sandwich, then gets the tag and finishes Luke with the earthquake splash at 6:27. The Disasters go after the defenseless André after the match, but the Road Warriors make the save and the babyfaces clean house.

  • Rating: Basic match that quickly turned into your typical Bushwhackers mess. Not a big fan. *

Bobby Heenan (with the Big Gold Belt) goes to Hulk Hogan’s personal locker room and challenges him on behalf of Ric Flair, but Hogan rudely closes the door in his face. What a hero!
Randy Savage takes a call from a fan who wants to know where he and Liz are going on their honeymoon.
Ted DiBiase says Virgil won’t be a millionaire after tonight, but still shows how sensitive he is by giving him a crying towel!

Million Dollar Belt – Ted DiBiase(w/ Sensational Sherri) vs. Virgil

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This is for the unsactioned million dollar belt held by Ted. Virgil jumps him on the top rope before the bell and exposes the million dollar ass, slugging away and running wild with clotheslines as DiBiase bails. Wonderful how DiBiase is always in place to feed his opponents, that’s what always made him a perfect heel. Virgil follows him to ram his former boss’ head into the stairs, and back in he runs wild with the godawful Shane O’Mac dancing MMA potatoes, followed by another atomic drop that dumps DiBiase once more. Meanwhile, Heenan joins us back on commentary and gets mocked by both Gorilla and Piper for the previous segment. DiBiase turns things around on the floor, however, and this time it’s Virgil who eats some stairs. Back in, DiBiase clotheslines Virgil and adds the million dollar fistdrops. DiBiase goes up and hits a flying double axehandle for two. Backdrop follows and DiBiase signals for the end, but he ends up finding himself in Virgil’s version of his own Million Dollar Dream hold. However, Sherri jumps Virgil for the apparent DQ to save the title, but the ref decides to send Sherri to the back and let the match continue instead.

I have to give props to Roddy Piper for putting all of this over like a huge deal on commentary. Virgil rams DiBiase’s head into the buckle and makes the comeback, but DiBiase shoves Virgil into the ref and we get a ref bump. DiBiase stops to taunt Piper, and proceeds to calmly suplex Virgil a number of times, counting along after each one. This is starting to piss off the crowd, who start a “Rowdy” chant! DiBiase follows it up with a piledriver for the visual pinfall, but the ref is still out. DiBiase gets pissed and kicks the ref down as he proceeds to expose a turnbuckle pad. DiBiase humiliates Virgil and tells him what he’s about to go through, but Virgil blocks at the last seconds and it’s DiBiase who eats the buckle and gets knocked out instead. Virgil crawls over for the win and the belt at 13:11 and the pop of his life!

  • Rating: Wow, this was so much better than I thought it would be. DiBiase carried the match as the heel usually does, taking his time beating up and humiliating Virgil, which got the crowd more and more pissed on their way to Virgil’s big upset win in the end. Virgil did okay here, but I was particularly impressed with DiBiase’s awesome heel performance as well as Roddy Piper’s fantastic work on commentary. ***

The Mountie asks the New York police officers not to treat the loser of his match kindly. Oh no!!

Jailhouse Match – The Big Bossman vs. The Mountie(w/ Jimmy Hart)

IMG credit: WWE &

The loser of this match spends a night behind bars in New York. The Mountie lays the trash talk to the Bossman’s face to start, who responds with a big right hand. That was a fun spot to kickoff the bout! Very few people in the history of wrestling could play a smartass heel and then get his comeuppance and know how to perfectly sell and react to it like Jacques Rougeau. Bossman slugs away some more, until Rougeau starts throwing his own shots too and we get a slugfest, won by Bossman with a back elbow smash. An added splash gets two. Off to the ropes for some choking and the running sliding assdrop on the ropes. Mountie reverses a second one, but Bossman reverses said reversal and catches Mountie with an uppercut. Back in, Mountie thumbs the eye and goes up, but Bossman catches him in mid-air and drops him with a spinebuster. Bossman works a headlock, putting some extra mustard on it as he nearly tears poor Mountie’s head right off his shoulders, but he gets distracted with Jimmy Hart and goes after him on the outside, allowing Mountie to send him into the stairs and turn things around. Back in, Mountie gets a flying back elbow smash and he pounds away on Big Bossman.

Whip into the corner followed by a powerslam gets two. Bossman reverses a second whip into the buckle, but he ends up eating buckle on a blind charge anyway, and Mountie gets two. Dropkick gets two with a kick out WITH AUTHORITY BY GAWD that sends Mountie flying all the way to the outside. However, he immediately grabs Bossman and lays him out with a nasty elbow to the throat. Meanwhile, Gorilla adds the comment of the night by calling Jimmy Hart “the greatest walking advertisement for birth control I’ve ever seen, Hot Rod”!! Back in, Bossman shows some life and goes for a comeback, but Mountie cuts him off using some classic Greco-Roman biting followed by a piledriver. However, instead of going for the pin the Mountie grabs the SHOCKSTICK OF EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOW PAIN and takes a swing, but Bossman moves out of the way and an uppercut sends the shockstick flying. The Mountie leapfrogs over Bossman a couple of times, but Bossman eventually catches him with another uppercut and follows it up with the Bossman slam for the …. KICKOUT?!?!? Hmm, well that’s rare. Mountie trips up Bossman and goes for a second piledriver, blocked by Bossman and turned into an Alabama slam for the win at 9:38. Bossman then helps the police officers as they drag the Mountie to the car in the parking lot. Those same police officers that Mountie asked NOT to be nice earlier!

  • Rating: Very fun match in terms of storytelling. It wasn’t the best technical match you’ll ever see, but I enjoy both guys’ work and I really liked the story they told here. This was the best stage of Bossman’s entire career, he was really fun to watch as a babyface at this time, and I’ve always been a huge fan of Jacques Rougeau, I think his heel work is brilliant. Very fun match, but would’ve accomplished the same goal had it been just a few minutes shorter. **1/2

And now it’s PPV remission time, so get ready for some segments:

A VERY pissed Ted DiBiase thinks the belt should still be his via disqualification loss. Gotta love it when a heel has super valid points
New IC Champion Bret Hart proved there is no such thing as perfection, and tonight Mr. Perfect just wasn’t good enough
The Natural Disasters call out the Road Warriors, while poor Jimmy Hart wants to call his lawyers to prevent The Mountie from spending a night in jail
Big Bossman has proved he’s the law and order in the WWF, and reminds The Mountie of the kind of people he can meet behind bars – any!
Randy Savage continues getting calls from fans and completely ignores Mean Gene, until he says he’s going to talk to Elizabeth instead. That’s never a good idea, Gene!


The Mountie arrives at prison

IMG credit: WWE &

Oh no! The three police officers keep dragging him as hard as they can while Mountie begs them to stop and tells them they’re hurting him. He keeps yelling “Do you know who I am? I’M DA MOUNTIE! (OW OW) We speak the same language. Let me show you: you have the right to remain silent… OWW STOP IT… you have the right to an attorney, anything you say… AAAWW… will be held against you AND I’M DA LAW. WE’RE THE SAME. I’M DA MOUNTIE”. Jacques is making this way more funny than it should be!!

The Nasty Boys cut a promo on the Road Warriors, but Sean Mooney stops Jimmy Hart because he’s received word there’s more going on with the Mountie as we speak… here we go again!

It’s time for the criminal picture. The Mountie keeps looking down and refusing to take the picture, so the lady goes “so I guess the Bossman kicked your butt, huh?” which gets Mountie all worked up and allows her to take the picture!

Back in the arena, Jimmy Hart is not happy. “THAT’S INVASION OF PRIVACY… WE’RE GONNA SUE”. I’m dying!

The Road Warriors want to meet the Natural Disasters, but first they want The Nasty Boys and the belts

And now, The Mountie doesn’t want to give his fingerprints to the officers. “You want the finger? I’ll give you the finger” before giving the officer a middle finger to his face! That forces them to get a little bit aggressive in order to get the fingerprints, all while the Mountie yells “YOU CAN’T GET MY FINGERPRINTS… I’M DAAAA MOUNTIEEE”. At one point the cameraman has to get the camera down because one of the officers just couldn’t control himself and started laughing. This shit is hilarious. I don’t know how much Jacques Rougeau was getting paid, but I know it wasn’t enough!

Sgt. Slaughter claims it will be an easy win and says he has a surprise for tonight’s match. The feud ending would be good enough for me, thank you Sarge.

Sid Justice stands alone and promises that tonight justice will be served

The Nasty Boys come down to ringsi…. oh it’s their match. I almost forgot this was a wrestling show!

Street Fight – WWF World Tag Team Championship – The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Saggs)(c)(w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal)

IMG credit: WWE &

We get a pier six to start and the LOD clean house. Animal with a powerbomb on Knobbs gets two, but Saggs breaks it up. Hawk makes him pay with a badass shoulderblock. Saggs turns things around by spraying Hawk right in the eyes, and the Nasty Boys pound away on Hawk. Knobbs with a back elbow gets two. He follows it up with a flying elbowdrop, but Animal saves the pin. Now it’s Knobbs’ time to go up, but a splash only finds Hawk’s knees and he makes the hot tag to Animal. He runs wild on both Nasties, but a powerslam on Knobbs gets saved by Saggs. Meanwhile, Jimmy Hart hands Saggs the helmet to cut off the Warriors’ comeback, and a shot to Animal’s back gets Knobbs two. Unfortunately for the champs, however, Hawks ends up catching the helmet as now both Nasty Boys eat it for a huge pop. Saggs is left alone and the Doomsday Device gives Animal the pin and LOD the tag titles at 7:45.

  • Rating: For a street fight, this was certainly nothing special apart from a few shots with the helmet. It was pretty much a basic regular tag match, with the LOD making the comeback in the end and getting the titles. Decent match at best, but LOD getting the belts was pretty cool. **

And now, back to the Mountie as the poor guy gets locked behind bars.

Greg Valentine vs. Irwin R. Schyster

IMG credit: WWE

The living definition of ‘death slot’ before the main-event. Typical short IRS promo before the match, he wants you to quit crying and start paying. Valentine gives him a shoulderblock to start, but IRS stalls and we get a stalemate. Another one off a criss cross sequence followed by a hiptoss, and IRS bails. IRS turns things around back inside and slugs away, but Valentine sunset flips him for two. However, IRS immediately slams him and works the rope-assisted abdominal stretch, until the referee finally catches him and forces the break. Valentine goes for the comeback but misses a kneedrop, and IRS follows it up with a chinlock, setting up the dreaded “boring” chants. IRS goes up but gets slammed off, as Valentine starts making the comeback by going after the leg. Figure four time, but IRS grabs the ropes to break. Valentine sets up another one, but IRS yanks him by the hair into a cradle and steals it at 7:07.

  • Rating: Technically fine but, at the end of the day, it was just a filler match that no one cared about. *1/2

Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior are ready for the handicap match

Main Event – Handicap “Match Made In Hell” – Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior vs. The Triangle of Terror (Sgt. Slaughter, Gen. Adnan & Col. Mustafa) – special referee: Sid Justice

IMG credit: WWE

Sid is making his first ever WWF PPV appearance, just a few months after jobbing to El Gigante (pfff!) on PPV in his final WCW date. Slaughter grabs a weapon to start, but Sid doesn’t allow him and steals it from him. Sid, the ultimate advocate for clean fights in the world, of course. Unless scissors get involved. The babyfaces take turns beating up Sarge for a while. Hogan with a flying double axehandle, but Sheiky Baby comes in and pulls him by the hair to break up the pin. Hogan slugs away in the corner and pisses off Sid, completely ignoring his warnings and going back to beat up Sarge in the corner, forcing Sid to get more serious and allowing Sarge to cheapshot him. Can’t blame anyone but you, Hulkster. Off to Adnan for some CLUBBING BLOWS OF IRAQI DOOM, and then Sheiky Baby with a gutwrench suplex to set up the camel clutch. He applies it, but Warrior comes in and kicks him in the back of the head to break up the move. What a couple of role models, these two. Slaughter proceeds to whip Hogan into Sid, then he goes up but Warrior shoves him off.

Hot tag to Warrior, who comes in running wild with the usual. Slaughter moves out of the way of one of the shoulderblocks, which ends up hitting Sid instead, but it’s no-sold. The heels cheapshot Warrior and Sheiky Baby tries a suplex, but Warrior blocks and gives him his own suplex instead. You No Suplex Da Iron Sheik, Ultimate Jabroni! Warrior catches Sarge with a flying clothesline and he makes the hot tag to Hogan, which shockingly doesn’t get a big pop from MSG. It gets one, obviously (it’s Hulk Hogan), but nothing even close to the insane Hogan pops. Times were definitely changing. Or maybe it’s just because this match has been the absolute shits. Maybe both. The other heels get involved, and Warrior grabs a chair and chases them all the way to the backstage in his final WWF appearance, reportedly getting fired by Vince as soon as he got through the curtains. For those who don’t know, he wrote McMahon a letter with a bunch of ridiculous demands, including being paid a STUPID amount of money or else he wouldn’t show up and do this match. Vince accepted so he could appear and do it, since the match had been advertised for months, and then immediately fired him as soon as his participation was over for being a dick. This leaves Hogan all alone with Sarge inside the ring, and the great hero Hulk Hogan throws some powder in Sarge’s eyes behind Sid’s back and finishes with the legdrop at 12:40. Hogan and Sid celebrate afterwards, without the recently fired Warrior.

  • Rating: Ridiculously long, painfully boring and plain awful match with a surprisingly bored crowd. That’s what shocked me the most, particularly when Hogan got the hot tag and the fans weren’t that alive for it. The marketing couldn’t have been more accurate – the match made in hell indeed. 3/4*

The Mountie meets his first couple of jailhouse mates. One maniac wants to fight him and the other one wants to…. hmmmm… well…. fight him too. “Hi! Don’t you just love the way leather feels against your body! – The Mountie: “UGH MY GOD GET ME OUTTA HERE”. I’m dying!!!

Savage/Elizabeth recap.

The Real Main Event – “Match Made In Heaven” – Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth Wedding

IMG credit: WWE &

We get a really nice video looking back at some of the best Macho & Liz memories. Only Macho Man has enough class to accept with a “OH YEAH”! Just in case you’re wondering, in real life they had been married since the mid 80s. Unfortunately, they would get divorced the following year. The show goes off the air this way, but obviously Jake Roberts and the snake would soon get involved and start a new feud here, with Vince McMahon convincing Savage to come back to the ring due to lack of star power, as Hogan had one foot out the door and Warrior was already gonzo.


Final thoughts: Certainly a mixed bag here. The main event didn’t deliver at all, but at least the Hogan/Slaughter feud finally ended. It had been going on since February and had long lost its fuel post WrestleMania. Perfect/Bret is an all-time classic and your go-to match from this show, DiBiase/Virgil is very good too with tons of heat from the crowd and also the wedding is very emotional, which shouldn’t be any shock given who’s in it. But one of the major highlights from this show is ‘The Mountie’ Jacques Rougeau, with lots of hilarious little segments throughout the show that will keep you entertained. Jacques was one of the most charismatic and more underrated wrestlers from this era, both as a member of the Fabulous Rougeaus in the late 80s and now as the Mountie. Not a spectacular PPV, but it was good enough to get a slight thumbs up from me. 6/10


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WrestlerStar ratingsResultsMain-eventingExtrasTotal
Bret Hart4.51+2 for winning a title7.5
Animal21+2 for winning a title
+0.5 for winning the fall
Hawk21+2 for winning a title5
Ricky Steamboat2.251+0.5 for winning the fall3.75
Big Bossman2.513.5
Hulk Hogan0.7511+0.5 for winning the fall3.25
The British Bulldog
The Texas Tornado
The Ultimate Warrior0.75112.75
Earthquake11+0.5 for winning the fall2.5
Ted DiBiase3-12
Mr. Perfect4.5-1-2 for losing a title1.5
The Mountie2.5-11.5
The Warlord
Paul Roma2.25-1-0.5 for losing the fall0.75
Col. Mustafa
Gen. Adnan
Greg Valentine1.5-10.5
Sgt. Slaughter0.75-11-0.5 for losing the fall0.25
Bushwhacker Butch1-10
Bushwhacker Luke1-1-0.5 for losing the fall-0.5
Brian Knobbs2-1-2 for losing a title-1
Jerry Saggs2-1-2 for losing a title
-0.5 for losing the fall

Thank you so much for your time reading. Make sure you don’t miss the next reviews, as we’re approaching WCW’s Halloween Havoc and WWF’s Survivor Series events. Until then, stay safe!!