WWF UK Rampage 1992 Review (The Next Generation Shines In British Soil)

April 19, 1992
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
Announced attendance: 8.000 (capacity: ca. 13.600)

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of WWF’s special event ‘Rampage’ in the UK, taking place on the final night of WWF’s annual post-WrestleMania tour of Europe. Airing live on Sky Movies Plus, Randy Savage defends the WWF World Heavyweight Championship against Shawn Michaels in a rare dream match, the Intercontinental Title is up for grabs with Rick Martel challenging Bret Hart, the popular British Bulldog faces IRS in the main event in front of his fellow compatriots, and much more.

Here is the list of champions in the WWF heading into this show:

  • WWF Champion: Randy Savage [14th day of his reign] – previous champion: Ric Flair
  • WWF Intercontinental Champion: Bret Hart [14th day of his reign] – previous champion: Roddy Piper
  • WWF World Tag Team Champions: Money Inc. (Ted DiBiase & Irwin R. Schyster) [72nd day of their reign] – previous champions: Legion of Doom

Enjoy the review!

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The hosts are Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan

Tatanka vs. Skinner
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They start off with a popularity contest easily won by Tatanka, who takes control early on by holding on to a chinlock. Clothesline into a sunset flip gets two, and Tatanka works a headlock while Bobby Heenan wonders how to pronounce ‘Tatatatatatatanka’! Clothesline gets two more and Skinner finally gets some offense in with a couple of chops, but Tatanka blocks another one and nearly steals it with a roll-up, and Skinner takes a powder. Skinner wants a handshake back inside, but Tatanka kicks him down and goes to work on the left arm. Skinner rams his head into the buckle to escape and bites him, before taking him down with a drop toehold and going to work on the leg. Skinner rams the leg into the apron and the post outside, then goes back in to dump Tatanka hard to the floor. A vertical suplex from the apron brings Tatanka back inside, and Skinner goes up but only finds Tatanka’s boot. Tatanka’s fired up and he makes the big comeback with the chops. The backbreaker and diving karate chop set up the NOT SAMOAN INDIAN DROP OF DOOM to finish Skinner at 11:53.

  • Rating: A perfectly decent house show opener, with Skinner getting a lot more offense than I expected after jobbing to Owen Hart at WrestleMania in a one-minute match. It was nothing special, but the crowd was very much into Tatanka and enjoyed watching him make his fired up comeback and get the win at the end, so it accomplished its goal. **
Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) vs. Dino Bravo & Col. Mustafa
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Sheiky-Baby cuts his usual pre-match promo dissing England. Mustafa pounds away in the corner to start, but LOD quickly dispatch them with clotheslines and they take a powder. Bravo tries to knock down Animal but gets overpowered rather easily. Hawk comes in with a flying clothesline, but then misses a blind charge in the corner and eats post. Mustafa adds a gutwrench suplex and works an abdominal stretch, until Animal comes in and breaks it up. Hawk reverses a suplex attempt and delivers one of his own, but Bravo comes in and prevents the hot tag. A double clothesline puts both guys down, and this time Animal fires away with a series of dropkicks off the hot tag. Hawk eliminates Bravo from the equation with a whip into the post outside, then finishes Mustafa with a diving clothesline at 4:29.

  • Rating: An easy squash win for the LOD over two heels past their primes. It would turn out to be Dino Bravo’s last appearance with the WWF, who would unfortunately pass away the following year. A glorified Superstars-like squash. 1/4*

Sid Justice wants Undertaker to open his eyes and realize that he rules the world after their match tonight.

The Undertaker & Paul Bearer remind Sid Justice that there’s no justice in death, and he must answer to The Undertaker’s Tombstone tonight. Quite the promo from Bearer here.

The Undertaker(w/ Paul Bearer) vs. Sid Justice(w/ Harvey Wippleman)
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Sid attacks from behind before the bell and starts by slugging away in the corner. However, Undertaker no sells it and comes back with a powerslam followed by an elbowdrop, which he misses. Sid chokes UT on the apron but gets caught with a top rope necksnap, and it’s Old School already back inside. The flying clothesline looks to set up the Tombstone Piledriver, but Harvey Wippleman gets up on the apron for the distraction, allowing Sid to hit the one-hand chokeslam. A side slam drops UT as Sid pounds away, eventually taking the fight to the floor, where Sid posts Undertaker for the lame count-out win at 5:15.

Afterwards, Sid attacks Undertaker with a chair and hits a neckbreaker, but Undertaker sits up and hits the Tombstone. This would lead to nothing as Sid would quit the WWF exactly one week later, unhappy that The Ultimate Warrior wanted to no sell Sid’s Powerbomb and then completely run over him (à la what he did to HHH at WM 12 in 1996) at house shows. And so both the WrestleMania main-eventers are gone from the company (and wrestling) for the rest of the year… two weeks after the show. In case it wasn’t bad enough already.

  • Rating: It was exactly what one would expect from these two in 1992, a slow five-minute match with them exchanging their big moves, and Undertaker sitting up a couple of times. The non-finish was predictable and it made sense to protect both guys (assuming Sid stays, of course), but that doesn’t mean it makes this particular match any better. 3/4*

Shawn Michaels will make sure Macho Man has one of the shortest ever WWF title reigns tonight.

WWF Championship – Randy Savage(c)(w/ Miss Elizabeth) vs. Shawn Michaels(w/ Sensational Sherri)
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For all the trivia lovers out there, this is Miss Elizabeth’s very last appearance with the WWF. They start with a hard lockup that goes all the way into the corner, where Savage escapes a telegraphed HBK cheapshot on a clean break. They fight over a wristlock and Shawn whips Savage into the corner, where he ends up charging into a knee. Michaels bails and is apparently successful in pissing off Savage, who throws a chair into the ring. A criss cross sequence back inside sees Savage dumping Shawn, who skins the cat back inside only to get clotheslined all the way out. And Macho Man meets him there with the diving double axehandle. Savage attempts a piledriver but gets distracted with Sherri going after Liz, who gets sent back to the dressing room by Savage, allowing Michaels to sneak attack Savage outside and ram him into the railing. HBK introduces Savage into the steps too, and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker back inside for two. Michaels pounds away and a swinging neckbreaker gets two. Savage turns things around with a slingshot right into the post for two.

Savage’s classic necksnap rocks HBK, setting him up for the high knee to the back that dumps Michaels, where Savage meets him with another diving double axehandle. Savage introduces him into the post and brings him back inside for a third diving double axehandle for two. A Savage hiptoss is blocked and turned into a clothesline, and Michaels hits the superkick for two. HBK powerslams Savage and goes up for a diving fistdrop, with Savage rolling out for a powder afterwards, where Sherri adds a kick to the midsection. HBK goes to work with a necksnap on the top rope followed by an elbow to the throat, but a criss cross sequence back inside ends up with a ref bump. Savage takes Michaels down with a stungun, and the powerslam sets up the Macho Elbow but there’s no referee to count. Sherri jumps in and gets a few shots in, and eventually the referee comes back to life for the count but it only gets a nearfall. Savage spits in Sherri’s face and gets her all worked up on the apron, just in time for Liz to come back to ringside and toss her inside the ring over the top rope, and a Savage high crossbody gets two. Sherri gets back up on the apron, with Liz knocking her back down. Michaels gets two with a quick sunset flip, but Savage then catches him with another crossbody to retain the title at 16:21. The heels try to attack Savage, but Sherri’s high heel hits Michaels instead and Macho cleans house with a double noggin knocker.

  • Rating: It’s quite the interesting match on paper, and would unquestionably be an all-timer in a perfect world with both of them in their prime. This was a really good WWF Title match, with the company smartly and effectively using it as a platform to elevate the young Shawn Michaels. Heck he even got to kickout of the Macho Elbow (a delayed count after a ref bump sure, but he technically still kicked out), which is something you don’t see everyday. The final sequence was really exciting, including the sequence between Sherri and Elizabeth outside, and it was an overall great match to kick off Savage’s second WWF Championship reign. ***3/4

The Bushwhackers do Bushwhackers stuff for a while in an interview with Sean Mooney on the platform.

The Mountie and Jimmy Hart mock Virgil and England.

Virgil loves working hard to earn a payday. You don’t say!

The Mountie(w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Virgil
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Virgil comes out still wearing the protective nose guard from Sid’s attack shortly before WrestleMania. Virgil starts with a backdrop and a clothesline, and he rams Mountie’s head into the buckle a number of times. The Mountie takes a powder outside, but Virgil follows him out there and brings him back inside, where Virgil rips his shirt off. Virgil gets caught up thinking about different ways to sell it at a subway station in Montreal years later, that it allows The Mountie to get back in control and put the shirt back on. He even removes Virgil’s nose guard. Damn it, why does it always happen to Virgil? The Mountie stops to take the mic and sing his theme song for a while, giving Virgil enough time to make the MEATSAUCE COMEBACK OF DOOM. Jimmy Hart trips up Virgil on a criss cross, though, allowing The Mountie to shock Virgil and steal the win at 8:57.

  • Rating: Another typical house show match. It was fun at times, the crowd were having a good time and the right person went over in the end. 1/2*

Rick Martel guarantees the world will see the best looking Intercontinental Champion in history after tonight.

Bret Hart says it’s about how good you can wrestle, not at fashion. Tonight, he means business.

WWF Intercontinental Championship – Bret Hart(c) vs. Rick Martel
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Knee to the gut off an early lockup gives Martel the edge to start, and Martel blocks a backdrop with a cartwheel. A second lockup goes all the way to the ropes, Martel bitchslaps Bret on the clean break and hides in the corner. Martel gets another cheapshot on a clean break in the corner, and he unloads on Bret. O’Connor roll is reversed by Bret who hangs onto the top rope, Martel reverses the reversal with an arrogant backward roll, but Bret runs over him with a nasty clothesline with extra mustard. Martel bails for a second, as the crowd just can’t stop yelling HITMAN over and over again. Back inside, Martel works a front facelock that Bret nearly escapes, but Martel is one step ahead this time and meets him with a clothesline, before going back to the front facelock. Bret escapes again and blocks a second clothesline, hitting one of his own this time around, followed by the classic abdominal stomp. Martel hurts his knee on a missed blind charge in the corner, and Bret immediately goes to work on the leg.

Martel kicks Bret off a leg hold and goes for a hiptoss, but Bret blocks and turns it around into his own hiptoss, before going back to work on the leg. Martel kicks Bret away using the good leg yet again, this time sending him face-first into the buckle. Martel slugs away but his leg is too hurt, and Bret kicks him right in it before locking in a headscissors, which Martel escapes via choking. He can’t capitalize because of the leg once again, though, and Bret hits a legbreaker. Bret tries to ram the leg into the post outside, but Martel rakes him in the eyes and rams Bret’s back into the post instead. A hard whip into the buckle takes Bret down off the Bret Hart bump, but Martel misses a backdrop and Bret hits the atomic drop. Russian legsweep gets two. Suplex gets two. Backbreaker sets up the middle rope elbow for two more. Bret tries an O’Connor roll, but Martel pumps the brakes and allows the momentum to send Bret all the way to the floor. Martel brings him back inside with a vertical suplex that Bret blocks, but Martel blocks yet another O’Connor roll, this time by holding the rope. Martel gets too cocky and takes too long setting up a powerslam, however, and Bret small packages him to retain the belt at 13:02.

  • Rating: Really good Intercontinental Title match between two extremely solid professional wrestlers. The work was incredibly good as expected, the crowd was REALLY into Bret the whole time. Martel’s selling of the leg was fantastic, though I’d wish the leg work would factor into the finish in some way. With that said, however, I do agree that a Sharpshooter loss for Martel wasn’t necessary on the show, so I totally understand. Very good stuff. ***1/2

Usual crazy Jim Duggan promo backstage.

Jim Duggan vs. Repo Man
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Duggan somehow gets the English crowd chanting USA at the start. Heenan: “these idiots don’t even know where they are”. After two minutes of OOOOOOOHHHH and USA chants, they finally go at it with Duggan hitting a series of clotheslines, and Repo Man bails. Duggan shrugs off Repo Man’s cheapshot attempt back inside, hitting an atomic drop and a clothesline as Repo Man takes another powder. A necksnap takes Duggan down and Repo Man removes the turnbuckle pad, before whipping Duggan headfirst into it. Repo Man slugs away for a while and then introduces Duggan’s head into the exposed buckle a second time. Repo Man hits a legdrop for two, and works a facelock from there (really?). With Duggan not selling any of it and pushing the USA chant while in the hold. Because who would get hurt after TWO consecutive headshots onto exposed steel, right? A cheapshot keeps Repo Man in control but a third whip into the buckle misses, this time eating it himself instead. Duggan follows it up with a hiptoss and a powerslam. The Three Point Stance Clothesline connects but Repo Man falls to the outside, where he grabs his rope and hits Duggan for the DQ at 7:14. Sure, why not. Hacksaw cleans house afterwards with the 2×4 and stands tall in the end.

  • Rating: Absolutely awful match. Seven minutes of a nothing undercard comedy match just to end on a DQ. It took them nearly two minutes to even get going! From there it’s a festival of whips into the exposed turnbuckle, with Duggan no selling them and doing chants during the match, then making his comeback and hitting his finisher just before the DQ. Bleh. DUD

Randy Savage puts Shawn Michaels over as a tough opponent and talks about how great the European tour was. Coming down the aisle in front of these fans tonight gave him the same goosebumps as beating Flair for the title at WrestleMania did. He’s not done with Flair, “first time ever the champion challenging the challenger – HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT FLAIR HUH”! Usual entertaining Macho Man promo to thank the local fans as apart of the organization, while also promoting his upcoming business and putting over younger talent.

The British Bulldog says it’s been a really successful tour for him thus far, and it’s going to end with IRS going down.

Main Event – The British Bulldog vs. Irwin R. Schyster(w/ Jimmy Hart)
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The pop for Davey here is exactly what you expect. Bulldog overpowers IRS to start and strikes with a couple of shoulderblocks. IRS takes a time to rethink his strategy, but the UK crowd gets even louder. Hiptoss by IRS but Bulldog kicks him off, follows it up with his own hiptoss and a clothesline, and IRS bails. Davey meets him there for a double noggin knocker on Jimmy, however. Bulldog gets a couple of quick leapfrogs on a criss cross sequence back inside, making IRS take another powder. He finally gets something in with an enziguiri, dumps Davey for some punishment on the floor and then works the rope assisted abdominal stretch back in the ring. He gets caught by the ref and stops to argue with him, allowing Bulldog to nearly catch him with a roll-up. The flying clothesline takes Davey back down, though, and gets two. IRS works a chinlock while Gorilla calls Jimmy Hart “a walking advertisement for birth control” on commentary”!! Bulldog escapes the chinlock only to walk right into a knee to the gut. Bulldog gets a sunset flip for two, but IRS hits a low legdrop for two. Schyster tries a vertical suplex from the apron all the way to the floor, but Davey blocks it and turns it into his own vertical suplex onto the middle of the ring for two. A Bulldog splash only finds IRS’ knees, but he quickly comes back to ram Schyster’s head into the buckle a few times. Headbutt gets two. Jimmy climbs up on the apron while IRS grabs his briefcase, but Bulldog kicks it off his hands and powers him up into the Running Powerslam to finish IRS at 12:48.

  • Rating: Quite the simple house show style match, yet very effective. No one was expecting a classic here, nor did it have to be one. It was exactly what it had to be, a dominant Davey Boy Smith performance over a big name (and tag team champion) in front of his people. Great reception for Davey Boy. **1/4


Final thoughts: A really tough one to rate, since it was somewhat of a “special” rather than a regular show, PPV or even a SNME. It felt like a house show sometimes, and that’s exactly what it was – a glorified house show on the final night of the European tour that happened to be televised! With that said, though, the fact that there are two really strong recommended matches says a lot, and easily elevates the quality of this UK Rampage, despite the undercard obviously not being the strongest. Undertaker/Sid is an interesting confrontation as well, especially knowing it would turn out to be a WrestleMania main event a handful of years later, so there is some appeal in it. And, of course, the final match with British Bulldog wrestling in England, which is always fun to watch. Overall, a very interesting watch with a lot of stuff to see. (Yes, I’m taking it easy on this one because of the circumstances) 6/10


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WrestlerStar ratingResultMain eventingExtrasTotal
Randy Savage3.751+1 for retaining a title5.75
Bret Hart3.51+1 for retaining a title5.5
British Bulldog2.25114.25
Shawn Michaels3.75-12.75
Rick Martel3.5-12.5
Hawk0.251+0.5 for winning the fall1.75
The Mountie0.511.5
Sid Justice0.750.51.25
Jim Duggan00.50.5
The Undertaker0.75-10.25
Repo Man0-0.5-0.5
Dino Bravo0.25-1-0.75
Col. Mustafa0.25-1-0.5 for losing the fall-1.25

That’s all from me today. The WWF side of things is going to take a break for a while now, until August where they’ll be taking over the UK once more for a very special edition of SummerSlam. Until then, there are a number of shows and PPVs coming from WCW’s side, including WrestleWar featuring a WarGames main event, which is coming up next. Stay safe and happy holiday season everyone!